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Annexure A for PR Application

Annexure A for PR Application

Annexure A for PR Application: Introduction

During the PR application process, you will be required to submit Annexure A for PR Application. This is a document that you have to obtain from your employing company.

Annexure A for PR Application: What it contains?

The information contained in this annex A is primarily related to your company. The details like the capital of the company, number of employees and the breakdown of that number in local and foreign and last three years turnover figures are asked in it.

This document gives ICA an idea about the place where you are employed. If you are working in a well-capitalized larger company with a lot of manpower it indicates the authenticity of your role and work.

Instead, if you are working in a very small company with not a big turnover, there can be questions about the authenticity of the company. This is especially true when you also happen to be the sole shareholder of the company.

Annexure A for PR Application: What do you need to do?

There is no complexity involved here. It’s a simple 1-page annexure. You need to ask your company to prepare it for you. Normally the HR department of your company will take care of it. Once you get this document store it in PDF format and the size of the file should be smaller than 2 MB.

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Annexure A for PR Application: Where is it submitted?

During the application lodgement process, you upload Annexure A for the PR Application for the main applicant in the same section where you upload the Company letter. There is a separate upload option for this.

Annexure A for PR Application: What if the employer refuses to give it?

Some employers refuse to give this annex A. Perhaps they’re afraid that the employee will change jobs easily if they get PR status. Does this mean you can no longer apply for PR?

The application can still be filed without this letter. For that, you will need to do a declaration to the ICA that the company is not providing annex A and include some other alternative details. If you are experiencing this issue, you can consider engaging Epica Immigration for assistance.

Annexure A for PR Application: Summary

Annexure A for the PR Application is a quite straightforward document that you need to obtain from your company and submit it to ICA during your PR Application.