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EI Article Series

What is the best time to apply PR?

Best Time to Apply PR

One of the questions, applicants often get is, is there a best time when they can apply for PR? For example at the beginning of the year? Is there any specific month or event, around which you apply the chances of approval are high?

The idea is if the best time to apply for PR can be identified, then this knowledge can be used for the benefit of the applicant to improve the chances of success.

Best Time to Apply PR: Our Experience

In our experience of handling so many immigration cases frankly, we don’t find such a best time. Cases filed throughout the year follow the same pattern and exhibit the same behavior.

Maybe 10 or so years back there used to remain unused quota for PR places and hence people applying towards the year-end used to get PR easily. However, now the competition is stiff and places are limited. So no such specific bias is observed.

Best Time to Apply PR: Conclusion

There is no such best time to apply for PR. Any time you are ready with the document is acceptable.