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Employer Letter for PR Application

Employer Letter for PR Application: Introduction

One of the documents that you are required to submit during the PR application process is the current employer letter. It is also referred to as, the Confirmation of Employment Letter.

People are sometimes confused about this letter, as to what it should state and where to obtain the template.

Employer Letter for PR Application: What is it?

This is a letter given by the company employing you and confirms important details about your employment. As an important step, this letter needs to be given by your company and signed by an appropriate officer.

Employer Letter for PR Application: What it should contain?

Note the following points about the letter of employment confirmation. It should contain ;

  • Be on the company letterhead
  • Be addressed to Immigration and Checkpoint authority
  • Starting date of the employment
  • Current job title
  • Salary for the last six months

The letter needs to be signed by an appropriate officer of your company and needs to have a stamp. The letter should be dated in the last thirty days prior to the submission.

Employer Letter for PR Application

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Employer Letter for PR Application: Where is it submitted?

During the application lodgement process, you upload the letter for the main applicant in the same section where you upload the salary slips. There is a separate upload option for this. You will need to save the scanned copy of the letter in PDF format and the size of the file should be less than 2 MB.

Employer Letter for PR Application: Employer refuses to give it.

Sometimes some employers refuse to give this letter to the employee. Maybe they fear that if an employee gets PR status, he/she will change the job easily. Does this mean that your option of applying for PR is permanently closed?

Absolutely not. There are still ways to file the application without this letter. For that, you will need to do a declaration to the ICA. If you are facing this issue you can consider engaging the services of Epica Immigration.

Employer Letter for PR Application: Summary

Employer letter for confirmation of employment is an important document to be submitted during the PR Application process. Without this (or an alternative document) you can not complete your application.