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8 Factors Affecting Your Chances of Obtaining a Singapore PR

Approximately 30,000 Permanent Resident (PR) applications are approved each year, most of which fall under the Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS Scheme). In the PTS scheme, foreigners with Employment Passes, Entre Passes, or S Passes can apply for Singapore PR, which is the most common PR scheme. It is also possible for foreign students to apply for PR through student scheme, as well as immediate family members of Singapore citizens and PR can apply under the sponsor scheme.

The PTS scheme is available to most foreigners in Singapore, but the chances of getting approved are slim due to the high number of applications. You should be aware of the factors involved in obtaining PR status through the PTS scheme. This will help you to take specific steps to improve your chances.

Eligibility criteria

As a foreigner, you can apply for Singapore PR if you fit any of the below situations.

  • You hold an Employment Pass, S Pass, Entre Pass, Personalised Employment Pass or Tech Pass
  • You are married to a Singapore citizen (SC) or Singapore PR
  • You are unmarried child aged less than 21, born within the context of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a SC or PR
  • You are aged parent of a Singapore Citizen
  • You are a student studying in Singapore

The scheme under which you will apply will largely depend on who you are.

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Factors Impacting the chances of success of your PR Application

Your application for Permanent Residency starts once you have submitted it. The success of your application depends on the following main factors (Please note we are mentioning main factors. Obviously there are many other factors which may have bearing on the outcome). An individual's ability to contribute to and integrate into Singapore society and stay committed to staying in Singapore is assessed using these factors by the ICA when assessing an application.

Factor impacting PR application outcome 1: Economic contributions

A person's economic contributions are assessed by their salary, employment background, and job stability, for example. A total of 43% of Singapore PR applications approved between 2005 and 2010 were earning at least S$4,000 per month in salary. Singapore's government seeks out professionals who can make a significant contribution to the economy. Therefore, if you are earning a higher salary in a stable job, and working for a reputed company, it will increase the chances of getting your application approved.

An individual's job industry and sector also plays an important role in Singapore PR approval. ICA values individuals working in fast-growing industries, like the information and communications sector, Services and startups.

Factor impacting PR application outcome 2: Educational Qualification

From 2011 to 2015, about 75.8 to 81.8% of Singapore PR applications were approved with a postsecondary qualification. These include certifications from polytechnics, junior colleges, ITE, universities, and professional qualifications. A good academic and professional background increases the chance of Singapore PR applications being approved. As of 2022, almost 80% of the successful applicants hold a graduate or postgraduate qualification.

Factor impacting PR application outcome 3: Age of the applicant

The age of an applicant plays a significant role in evaluating an application, but both young and old will have equal chances when applying for Singapore permanent residency. In addition to investing their time and youth in Singapore, older applicants can contribute their wealth of experience and knowledge. All other things being equal a younger applicant will be preferred over older.

Factor impacting PR application outcome 4: Applying with family?

Immigration is all about getting a family and its next generation settled in Singapore. Obviously if you are applying as a whole family then this will a beneficial factor. People applying as a whole family will be generally preferred over whole family.

Factor impacting PR application outcome 5: Family ties

ICA also considers a person's family ties to Singaporeans a positive factor. If you have family who are Singaporeans (Or PRs), the odds of you settling permanently in Singapore are higher. So you become a right candidate for the approval of the PR status. People with close family members in Singapore will likely find it easy to integrate into Singapore society.

Factor impacting PR application outcome 6: Length of stay in Singapore

When you have lived in Singapore for a long time, ICA will be more inclined to consider you serious about staying there for an extended period. Despite the fact that you are only required to submit six months' payslips from your employer in Singapore, it has been found that working at least a year or two in this country gives you a better chance of obtaining Singapore PR. Singapore PR applications are more likely to be approved if you have worked and lived here for a longer period of time.

Factor impacting PR application outcome 7: Integration into Singapore society

As well as economic contributions, social contributions also play an important part in the chances of approval of Singapore PR application. Doing volunteer work with local organisations or making monetory donations are tangible ways to show that you are committed to the culture and values of Singapore life.

Factor impacting PR application outcome 8: Commitment to sinking roots in Singapore

ICA determines how committed you are to settling down in Singapore through a combination of factors already mentioned above, including your family ties, the length of time you have spent in Singapore, and the amount of community involvement you have. Those factors all point to the fact that you have the desire and the ability to settle down in Singapore and make it your new home.


While these eight factors are the important one, in reality there are many other factors that affect the chances of Singapore PR application approval. These factors change over time, which is why it is important for you to work with an experienced agency that can assist you in securing Singapore Permanent Residency. In order to increase your chances of being approved for the ICA, it is essential to engage a Singapore PR application agency that has in-depth knowledge of application approval trends and immigration policies. You can then build a stronger profile for submitting to the ICA, which can make a significant difference in your chances of being approved!