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PR Agent

PR Agent: Introduction

Before we start on the article, one thing we want to clarify, this article is about the PR Agent, PR agency, or PR Consultancy firm that assists people who are on an employment pass, S pass, with their Singapore PR Application.

If you are looking for PR agency services (PR as in Public Relations), then this is not the right article for you

PR Agent: Introduction

PR Agent: What is the role?

PR Applications approval rate has been at a record low for the last few years. On average ICA approves only 30,000 PR's every year, whereas there are a total of 150,000 applications filed each year.

Since the approval rates are low, people are looking for expert services to assist them in their PR Applications.

In 2018, ICA introduced E-PR system, which is entirely online. As a result, the PR application is to be filed online without any visit or interaction with the ICA immigration officers. So now people do not have any avenue if they have any doubts or questions about their case.

PR Agent: What is the role?

PR Agent: 4 Key Reasons to Engage

Below, we present the four key reasons to engage a PR agent in Singapore.

High Rejection Rate

Despite rising demand, Singapore PR approvals have remained at 30,000 a year. What are your chances of getting approved with such high demand and an increasing rejection rate? Considering that your application for Singapore PR is going to face siginifcant competition, you should do everything possible to improve it.

Weak Submission

In the absence of interviews, the selection process has been stepped up to determine candidates' eligibility based on their submitted documentation. Inadvertently leaving out information will result in your application being rejected. Sometimes people do not include some relevant documents, even if they are essential.

Failing to Impress on your case

As an applicant, you must stand out from the highly qualified pool of candidates. However, how do you highlight your unique strengths when many high-caliber candidates are vying for the same SPR designation?

Doubts and questions

Who do you turn to if you have questions about your specific circumstances or doubts about a certain document?

PR Agent: 4 Key Reasons to Engage

Why Take Risks?

Engage us to assist you with your application. Our prices are reasonable, and the quality is top-class. Our packages cover everything.

  • Hassle-Free – Guidance at All Stages
  • Error Free – Professionally Vetted
  • Impressive Document pack
  • Complete Document Check
  • Detailed Form Check
  • Impressive Cover Letter
  • Improved Score
  • Improved Chances of Approval

3 Benefits of Engaging a PR Agent in Singapore

Since the government tightened the assessment process, the approval rate for SPR applications has mainly remained low. Read on to find out how an expert can benefit your submission and how you can increase your chances of becoming a permanent resident. Here are some steps to increase your chances of becoming a permanent resident.

PR Agent Benefit 1: Detailed Analysis

You can receive a detailed analysis of your eligibility to become a permanent resident from a specialist.

As a result of the specialist's evaluation, you will be able to decide whether or not you want to apply or build your profile for your future application. A PR agent can also help you determine your most suitable application scheme.

It is important to meet the requirements set out by ICA to submit a successful PR application.

PR Agent Benefit 2: Impressive Cover Letter

It is not mandatory to submit a cover letter, but it can serve as an extra push in making your application stand out. There are several benefits to sending a cover letter.

  • Make clear your reasons for applying
  • Highlight your qualifications and skills here
  • Explain key aspects of your personality and how those are relevant in local society
  • Explain your efforts toward social causes
  • Explain your future plans and how those can bring value to Singapore

Rather than attempting to write your own cover letter, Epica Immigrations can assist you in producing an impressive cover letter that showcases you at your best.

PR Agent Benefit 3: Hassle-Free Process

A hassle-free application process would be ideal. It's not always the case, though. The process is tedious since you must submit many documents and follow strict criteria. An agent can help you in this process by:

  • Reviewing and organizing all the documents – advising extra steps required
  • Suggesting additional documents that you should submit to strengthen your application
  • Ensuring all paperwork is completed as per strict ICA’s requirements

The Epica Immigrations team can handle your paperwork with expertise and professionalism. We draw on our extensive experience to oversee and organize complex paperwork to ensure a successful application.

3 Benefits of Engaging a PR Agent in Singapore

PR Agent: Typical Cost of Engagement

One question here comes to mind. What is the typical cost of engaging a PR Agent? This in reality, is a varied range. The charges will range anywhere from 1200 SGD to 6000 SGD. Be wary of some of the PR agents who quote you high fees and then drop it significantly when you try to negotiate.

In reality, most of PR agents are doing similar types of service. But some unscrupulous agents try to make false promises about the success rate and may engage in pressurizing tactics. So stay away from them.

Another problem is the majority of PR agencies do not publish their prices on their website. So there remains a veil of secrecy around it. Our costs are given on our website. If you are keen on engaging our services, please contact us.

PR Agent: Typical Cost of Engagement

PR Agent: Stay Away from too Small Setups

Another thing you need to ensure is not to engage a too-small agency. This business of providing advisory on PR application matters has no barriers to entry. Anybody can put up a website and claim they provide services. We have known cases where a barber started this kind of consultancy. So if you come across very low pricing or a PR agent who does not appear knowledgeable, then stay away from them. Rather than engaging such a person, you can manage your application yourself.

PR Agent: Stay Away from too Small Setups

PR Agent: Conclusion

Applying for PR and successfully getting it has become difficult over the years. You can always engage a professional PR application agency to assist.

PR Agent: FAQs

Answers to some common questions
Can a PR agent help me understand if I qualify to apply for Singapore PR?

Yes. This is our expertise area. We work on this kind of question day in and day out. Our highly experienced team can go through your profile and advise you whether you qualify to apply for Singapore PR or not.

Can a PR agent help me in compiling all the necessary documents?

Epica Immigrations can assist you in your documentation. Of course, the basic documents have to come from you. However, we can review all those and advise if some of the documents have issues. We will also tell you what alternative documents can be submitted in place of these documents.

Some of the documents are not in the English language. Can a PR agent help to provide a solution to this?

It does happen. Quite often, the documents are in the native language. But there is no need to worry. We at Epica Immigration can help you with guidance on where to get it translated and the correct procedure.

Please note that ICA specifies that translation must be done from a qualified translator and be notarized. Unless you follow these steps, your translated documents will not be valid.

I have applied many times in the past and was rejected. How Can a PR agent help me here?

If you decide to apply again, Epica Immigrations can help. Our specialized team of experts can examine your previous application to see how it can be improved.

I am missing one of my educational transcript. Can a PR agent provide a solution to me?

Yes Certainly. We will produce a letter of circumstances explaining your specific situation to be submitted in place of a transcript.

Can I continue the process of PR using a PR agent while I am overseas?

Yes. You do not need to be present in Singapore. If all the documents are ready, then the application can be submitted.

Can you, as a PR Agent, guide me on the preferred scheme to apply for Singapore PR?

Yes and no. Normally for most of people there is only one scheme for which they qualify. Rarely it happens that a person qualifies under two different schemes. If this is the case for you, we are happy to assist.

Can you as a PR agent, guide me about the best application option for my spouse?

Yes, do get in touch with us. We can go through your case details and suggest the optimum way.

Can a PR agent let me know if ICA approves my application?

Unfortunately no. The application is lodged in your Singpass account. A PR agent will not have access to it. So the notification of the application outcome will be visible only to you.