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PR Application Approval Statistics

The PR success rate was much higher a decade ago. You could go to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building on some afternoon, take your papers along, wait for your ticket number to be called, present all copies, and show all certificates. Then, after filing, you would get your results in 3 months. And rejection of PR was unheard of, especially if you had stayed for more than two years in Singapore. However, times have changed. In the year 2008 Singapore ICA approved approximately 80,000 PRs. But government policy changed thereafter, and now ICA approves only 30,000 PRs per year.

In past, you could apply with the minimum required documents and get selected. Circumstances are different now. The approval rate of a Singapore PR application is considerably lower compared to that in 2008.

ICA does not officially release any statistics of PR applications vs approvals. So the below information is based on our research of the market.

PR Approval Statistics: Three Key points you need to understand

  • Every year close to 150,000 PR applications are filed.
  • These 150,000 applications cover 400,000 individuals. Please note a single application may consist of 3 people for example (Main applicant + spouse + a child).
  • ICA releases only 30,000 Places for PR every year.

The table below explains the approval rate.

Year 2021

Number of applications filed 150000
Total number of people involved 400000
Places approved 33,000
% approval rate 8.25%

It is estimated that only one out of twelve applications are accepted by ICA in 2021. The reasons for such a low acceptance rate are:

  • Singapore's economy grew, resulting in more foreigners working in Singapore on qualifying visas.
  • ICA has made the rules stricter to ensure that only 30000 PR applications are approved each year. That is less than half of 2008 approvals.
  • The number of applicants has been increased, while there are limited PR slots available.

PR Approval Statistics: Summary

In current times the approval rate for PR is really low. Therefore you are advised to use a competent PR application agent to work and assist on your case.