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EI Article Series

Common Mistakes to Avoid in your PR Application

PR Application Common mistakes to avoid

Before going ahead and submitting your PR application, you must ensure that you are not making the following mistakes. These mistakes could result in the failure of your application. So take steps if any of the following weaknesses exist.

PR Application Common mistake 1: Applying too early for Singapore PR

One mistake that most people make is applying for PR status immediately after six months. At this stage, the chances of rejection are 99.99%. Therefore, it is not worth your efforts when the approval rate is a mere 0.01%. As mentioned previously, you should wait for at least a year and preferably get one full year of tax assessment.

PR Application Common mistake 2: No Social Contribution shown in PR application

If you have not made significant social contributions or are not socially integrated with other Singaporeans, your chances of getting rejected are high. ICA considers this factor while evaluating your application. So take some steps towards social integration.

PR Application Common mistake 3: Submitting minimum documents only for PR Application

Submitting only the minimum required documents could be a huge mistake on your part while applying. For example, you may have won a prestigious award that could help your PR application, but if you do not attach the relevant document, ICA will never come to know about it. As there are more PR applications each year, you cannot rely only on minimum documents asked by ICA. Instead, you need to add additional documents to stand out from thousands of other applicants.

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PR Application Common mistake 4: Submitting too many documents

Another common mistake is that people attach too many additional documents with their PR applications. For example, attaching a school certificate about you winning a singing or dance competition many years back, is entirely irrelevant. You must only include supporting documents that will help your application and are relevant at this stage. Attaching irrelevant documents may adversely impact your application.

PR Application Common mistake 5: Not Including a Cover Letter with PR Application

A personalized cover letter helps you create an excellent first impression of yourself on the immigration officer. If you do not include one, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.