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EI Article Series

PR Approval Criteria for your Singapore PR Application

PR approval criteria

ICA does not disclose the criteria they use for deciding on a PR application. However, it is estimated that there are 25 factors that play a role while deciding the outcome of a PR application. These factors can be further divided into four categories, namely:

The table below shows all the 25 factors:

  1. Personal
  2. Family
  3. Financial
  4. Other

Table 1.2





Age Are you married? Commitment – Investment Social Integrations
Family ties Have Children Life Insurance Coverage Social Contributions
Your industry Child in local school Commitment – Property Unique Talent
Job scope Son Vs. Daughter SRS Account Unique Talent of Child/Spouse
Salary/Tax paid Financial Position
Educational Level
University from Where?
Recommendation Letters
Awards & Recognitions
Subject Matter Expert

You can check all these factors beforehand to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Then, you can work on your profile's weak parts while keep strengthening the strong parts.

PR approval criteria: What Immigration Authorities are Assessing in a PR Application

The immigration authorities generally assess the following:

Your Capability

The ICA wants to ensure that you are well-educated, skilled, and a good fit for Singaporean society.

Are you committed to Singapore?

The ICA wants to assess the level of commitment you have towards the city-state.

Are you likely to sink roots here?

If the ICA grants you PR and you leave Singapore in the next few years, it will not make sense. ICA carefully examines every application to ensure that they are giving the PR status to candidates who want to make Singapore their home.

Will your next-generation continue settling in Singapore?

ICA also wants to consider the fact that your children will continue settling in Singapore. Here's a scenario to understand it better. Suppose you are married with kids and applying for Singapore PR. Everyone in your family is applying except your male child. This gives the impression that your male child is trying to avoid the NS liability. However, it also means that your children may not like to be Singapore citizens in the future. ICA is less likely to prefer such a PR application as it wants to grant PR status to those who wish to settle and stay in Singapore permanently.