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Recommendation Letter For your Singapore PR Application

When applying for Singapore PR / Citizenship, it is important to have recommendation letters. A recommendation letter is not a must; however, it is a good idea to include as a supporting document for your application if you want to increase your chances of being considered by the immigration authorities, namely the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority ("ICA"). Besides cover letters, certificates, achievements, awards, etc., other documents are also recommended. The goal of this guide is to explain to you how to obtain a good recommendation letter for a PR application. Let's get started.

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What Is a Recommendation Letter?

It is important to submit recommendation letters from your friends to prove to the government that you have developed good relationships with fellow Singaporeans, colleagues, and friends and they are willing to provide their personal support for your application for PR or citizenship. In addition to demonstrating your good character, work ethic, creditability, and efforts to integrate into society, a good recommendation letter will also showcase your social integration.

Similarly, you can get a recommendation letter from your past employers or colleagues, highlighting your accomplishments and work ethics.

As a result of Singapore's stricter immigration policies, permanent residency applications have been approved at a low rate over the last decade. Due to the high number of applicants, the ICA will also adopt a more strict screening, checking, and approval process for PR applications. Therefore you must explore all possible avenues to strengthen your application.

How Many Recommendation Letters Should you Provide?

The number of recommendation letters you submit should never be excessive. It wouldn't increase the weight of your PR application if you submitted ten or twenty letters from your neighbors or colleagues! In general, you should include one recommendation letter from your friend and one from a professional colleague. If you would like to add a few more letters, that is fine. However, do not exceed four testimonials or recommendations in total.

What should be covered in the PR Application's recommendation (Testimonial) letter? How long should it be?

This is one of the tricky parts that most people find difficult to understand. Normally, the letter of recommendation or the testimonial in support of your PR application shouldn't exceed two pages at most. (Ideal length 1-1.5 pages). It should clearly state the person for whom the recommendation letter is being given, the person giving it, and their contact information.

The letter should explain the purpose first, then the person recommending you should describe how they know you, and finally, the positive things they want to say about you.

What should be covered in a professional colleague's recommendation letter for a PR Application?

A recommendation letter from a professional colleague will largely follow the structure of a letter from a friend. There is a significant difference in the letter's main content. In this section, you will focus on explaining how you excelled at your job or profession and why your contributions were respected within the organization.

Include examples of how you have demonstrated various skills during your time at the company, your relationship with your co-workers and team, etc. if the recommendation letter is from a current or past colleague.

If the recommendation letter is from a business associate, then provide an explanation of the relationship between you and the vendor or client and why he or she recommended you.

In case it is a letter from a personal friend, include specific examples of how you have integrated well into Singaporean society, provide testimony to your good character, and explain why they believe you are suitable for Singapore.

Some frequently asked questions about PR recommendation letter

Must the letter be from a Singaporean or a PR?

You can obtain a letter from anybody who is in Singapore. If you can obtain it from a Singapore citizen then its good. However if it from another EP holder then also its not a problem.

In which format to submit the recommendation letter?

Get the signed, scanned copy of the letter in PDF format for submission.

If the letter is from a professional colleague, must it be on company letterhead?

No. it is not necessary. Most of companies will not allow use of their letterhead for such a purpose. So a letter written on plain paper is ok.


A recommendation letter from a friend or colleague can add value to your PR or citizenship application. So always try to include few. If you find the PR application process complex, you can consider engaging the services of Epica Immigration for advisory.