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How Shibu got his PR approval after nine attempts with help of Epica Immigration

In a recent successful case handled by Epica Immigration, an Indian family living in Singapore for the last 11 years got their permanent residency approved after nine tries. Yes, their PR was rejected nine times previously.

Family Background of Applicant

Shibu, an Indian from the city of Bangalore, relocated to Singapore as a sales manager of a Japanese company in 2010. Shortly after that, his wife also joined him. At that time, they had no kids. However, over the next eleven years of stay, they developed their family further with two beautiful kids. Both the kids were born in Singapore, and both are currently studying in Singapore.

Shibu has been applying for PR since 2013. He applied for PR a total of nine times, and his PR was rejected on all occasions.

Previously Shibu also engaged the services of an immigration consultancy firm that used to operate from Suntec tower 3. This is the firm CASE Singapore later reprimanded for pressurizing sales practices.

Successful PR after nine tries with help of Epica

Comments from Epica Immigration Consultant

Shibu currently works as a senior Sales manager in a multinational company. His wife works as an IT manager is another German company in Singapore. So the profile of the family looks quite good. While the rejection of PR is possible, nine times is a bit high.

While working on the case, we noticed following two problems in Shibu’s case.

  • His marriage certificate was technically invalid due to a legal issue. A big problem.
  • In his highest educational certificate, his name was misspelled

Now both these errors have a big negative impact on the chances of success. So we provided alternative solutions, where he had to obtain the confirmation of marriage letter from the Indian embassy and a statutory declaration for the educational certificate issue.

It was very surprising that the firm Shibu previously engaged with, never advised him about these issues. It indicates that many other consultanies operate with a questionable quality level.

Comment of Epica Consultant

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Cover Letter and other profile-strengthening tips

In addition, our expert writers also wrote an impressive cover letter for Shibu and provided tips for strengthening the profile.

Good news

The good news is that Shibu and his family recently approved their PR application. You, too, can take these steps and improve the chances of your PR approval significantly. Contact us today to engage our services.