Do not make these mistakes in trying to improve your PR Application

Making these mistakes will increase the chances of rejection significantly

  • Was your PR application previously rejected?
  • Are you making special efforts to increase approval chances next time?
  • Are you researching how to write a cover letter?
  • Are you trying to find out where to do the Social Service?
  • Are you researching what you should get in testimonials?

Then this report is highly relevant to you.

Mistake in PR


report on mistakes

In the second quarter of 2022, we studied the cases of many prospects who enquired about our services and provided initial information. We looked at the common critical errors people were making while trying to improve the chances of their application on their own.

We found below five critical errors, which are explained in detail in this report.

  • A critical mistake in the preparation of the Cover Letter
  • Mistakes in Documents Check
  • A Critical mistake in doing Social Services
  • A critical error in Financial Commitments
  • A critical Mistake in getting testimonials

The report will give a good insight into the above aspects. You will be able to correct some of these errors, whereas, for others, you may need help.

Our focus here is on what mistakes people make while trying to improve their applications. We recommend you not to proceed ahead until you check this report and resolve the errors.

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