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EI FAQ Series

Birth Certificate at hometown for PR Application

PR Filing & Documentation

Birth Certificate at hometown for PR Application

I planned to apply for PR soon but I cannot travel back to my hometown to get my original documents (birth certificate) due to the current COVID situation. Is it possible to complete the formalities without showing one of the original documents after the application is approved?

PR Process is from 4- 10 months long

Once you lodge the application, the approval process will take anywhere from 4 to 10 months. At the time of filing the application, you are required to attach the scanned copies only. Since in your case your birth certificate is in your possession (Albeit in your hometown) it should be possible to get a clear scan. Maybe your parents or relatives can take the scan and email it to you.

Produce original after approval

Once your PR is approved, you are required to show the original birth certificate at the time of the completion process – and the birth certificate is an important document. However, there is still some time as mentioned above. If the travel restrictions open by then, you can travel to your home country and bring the original certificate.

Couriering of the certificate

Getting birth certificate couriered is not a bad option. Reputed couriers like DHL do a good job. We use them for our business and do not recall any incidence of lost documents. So you can consider this option also.