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5 Tips for Submitting a PR Application Form in Singapore

Singapore holds a reputation of being one of the best countries in the world for the standard of living. The city-state flaunts a high living standard, a globally renowned education system with state-of-the-art medical facilities. Its global reputation has attracted hundreds of thousands of ex-pats over the years. The total number of Singapore permanent residents…

How to Write an Effective Singapore PR Application Appeal Letter

A large number of applicants that apply for Singapore PR and Citizenship each year get rejected. Months of hard work got wasted in a matter of moments that is upsetting and frustrating for many candidates. Another problem that Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) does not provide any reasons for rejecting your application. It is entirely…

What is Singapore PR (Permanent Residence)?

PR or Permanent Residence status is Singapore’s second most privileged immigration status. It comes right after Singapore citizenship. A Singapore PR enjoys many privileges, such as stay, work, and purchase property at lower tax rates in the city-state. In addition, you become a member of Singapore’s local community and get numerous benefits like traveling unrestricted.…

We’ve been to other firms and found a difference in the price quoted by them. In fact, the prices quoted seem to be proportionate to the salaries.

We strictly follow our internal pricing guidelines. We charge for the work done, and our charges for PR Application filing are not based on how much salary you are getting. We do not charge heftily and under-deliver, as we are here for the long term. Every case we get for PR application or Singapore Citizenship…

What is my application’s success percentage? Many firms promise a 90% to 99% chance of approval.

All the cases are different based on a number of factors. So, we do not handle them with a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, once we thoroughly examine your profile via consultation, we explain your current and improved chances of success with your PR application. As we mentioned earlier, we are in the business for the long…

What PR Application / Citizenship application services are you providing?

Once you engage our services, we will provide you with forms that you need to fill up, the objective of which is to collect as much information as possible about you. Based on this information, we will work out an action plan for you. Simultaneously we will work on your documentation, form, and any other…

Are the results of my PR Application are guaranteed if using your services?

We ensure that your application covers all the areas that the ICA will look into and ensure that they will get the best impression of your profile. However, some defining factors (fitting into the industry requirements at the point in time or into the quota system) are not in our control as the ultimate decision…

How much time your consultancy firm needs to build my profile?

Unlike other firms we do not spend months on building your profile for PR or Citizenship. We normally target to complete work on your case in 5 weeks. While doing so we focus on quick wins, and the opportunities which can be used to score quickly.  If you do not have any specific reason to…

What is the approval quota for a PR application?

Ministries have made it clear that ICA will be approving approx. 30000 PR application and 20000 Citizenship applications each year. Further sub classification of the PR Application approval quota (Like by race, industry, age etc) is not publicly available. It is confidential. ICA reviews and adjusts it periodically to match the needs of Singapore.

Is it possible to file PR application multiple times?

An applicant can apply PR multiple times without any specific limit on the number of submissions. However, one thing you need to understand is, quantity doesn’t make a difference here. What you need to do is spend quality time on your PR application preparation before submitting it.

How secure are my data and personal details with you as I understand I have to provide my SingPass and other digital documents for the submission?

We have sophisticated IT systems which are well secured and safe for the storage of your data. Also, we are legally bound to agreements with our clients about data protection.  Employees get access to the data on a need-to-know basis (in other words, they can not access details of client who are not assigned to…

Why obtaining a PR is getting more complicated?

Singapore’s government has made immigration policies more stringent since 2009. Prior to 2009, PR applications were approved in higher numbers. At that point of time, the population of foreigners eligible to file PR application was also limited. In light of the long-term plans now, the number of PR application being approved per year is reduced…

How much time does a PR application process take?

Once you submit your PR application forms with the other required documents, it could take 6-12 months to get your results. ICA offers an e-PR system to track the status of your application while it gets processed. We also understand that time is of utmost importance for our clients. However, the time that gets wasted…

Do I have to serve the NS after gaining the Singapore PR status?

First Generation PRs under GIP (Global Investor Scheme) or Professionals/Technical Personnel and PTS (Skilled Workers Scheme) are exempted from the NS. However, the Enlistment Act requires the male children (2nd Generation PR) who are sponsored by their parents in the PR application need to serve the National Service. Some people file PR application only for…

Is it imperative for my son to attend the NS?

All Singapore male adults (citizens/PRs) are required to serve in the NS unless exempted, as mentioned in the Enlistment Act. Male applicants who obtained PR status due to sponsorship from their parents in the PR application must register for the National Service after reaching 16 years. They will be enlisted after reaching the age of…

Is it possible for my son to renounce his PR status before getting enlisted to serve the NS?

Yes, it is possible. There are cases where people have renounced the PR status in order to avoid national service liability. However, if PR from second-generation do not serve the NS and renounce their status, this will result in unfavorable consequences. For example, they will surely be barred from getting PR status in the future.…

My son is out of Singapore when he becomes liable for the NS? Can he defer?

Ministry of Defense grants deferment to NS-liable male children pursuing tertiary education. All the NS-liable males are required to serve the NS before they start their university. It is possible to apply to the Ministry of Defense for deferment, but the outcome is not guaranteed.

Can I leave my son out of the PR Application if I do not want him to serve the NS?

It is your decision if you do not want to include your son in your PR application. However, it is recommended not to exclude any member of your family while applying. The Singapore government sees your children as possible future contributors to the nation’s economy and society. The basic rule behind the approval of PR…

Both my spouse and I are staying in Singapore. Can we apply together or separately?

We strongly recommend you apply together. It demonstrates your family’s and your commitment level to spend your lives in Singapore.

Is it possible to submit my PR application with my family if we are not living together now?

Applying for PR status with your family is recommended to show solidarity, unity, and rootedness. It doesn’t matter if you are living with family or separately. For example, if your family is staying in your home country, then still you can file for their PR application so long as they hold a dependant pass. However,…

Can I apply for a PR if I hold a Singapore work permit?

The following people are eligible for a PR application in Singapore: Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, S Pass, and EntrePass holders (For Skilled workers, Technical personal, & Professionals) and depndants of these Singapore Citizen’s parents Children of Singapore PR/Citizens must be under the age of 21 and unmarried Spouse of a Singapore PR/Citizen Student Pass…

Is it necessary to upgrade to Employment Pass from S Pass before submitting my PR application?

Upgrading to an Employment Pass from an S Pass is not a necessity, as you are eligible for PR application as an S Pass holder.

How to secure an S Pass?

Generally, your employer applies for the S Pass for you. However, it also depends on various factors such as your salary and your company’s quota, which depends upon the industry in which the company operates. So to get S pass you will need to first get a job ib Singapore after which your employer will…

When can I apply for Citizenship?

To apply for Citizenship in Singapore, you must stay as a Permanent Residence for at least two years.

What are the advantages of applying for Singapore Citizenship instead of remaining as a PR in Singapore?

Singapore Citizenship has three significant advantages over a Singapore PR status. No need for Re-entry Permit renewal Citizen benefits, like stamp duty and low education cost. Can buy new HDB with subsidies Get a Singapore passport and travel the world without requiring a visa for many countries You have access to more job opportunities locally,…

What eligibility criteria are there to apply for Singapore citizenship?

You must meet any of the following requirements to become eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship: You must be a Singapore PR for over two years and are 21 years old at least and are economically active (meaning Earning income) OR You are a Singapore citizen’s spouse and also a Singapore PR for a minimum…

I am a Singapore citizen. However, my son is an LTVP holder. Can I apply for Citizenship for him directly without getting through PR?

Yes, you can apply. you do not have to go through PR and directly apply for Citizenship for your son.

My wife is an LTVP holder, while I am a Singapore Citizen. Can I apply for Citizenship for her instead of applying for PR first?

It is not possible in this scenario to apply for Citizenship directly. You will have to apply for the Permanent Residency for your wife first.

Can my parents sponsor my PR application if they are Singapore Citizens/PRs?

Your parents can only sponsor your PR application if you have not turned 21 years old so far. Anyone above that age must apply oneself based on your merit.

My parents are Singapore Citizens/PRs, and I hold a work permit. Will the PR application procedure be easier for me?

Work permit holders are not eligible for PR application. You must hold at least S Pass to become eligible. With an S Pass, having local parents may provide you an edge with your PR application. However, you need to apply yourself for PR/Citizenship if you are over 21 years old.

What should be my next step if my employer does not provide Annex A to favor my PR application?

Annex A is not a compulsory document. If your employer is not providing the same in favor of your PR application, then we can prepare a customized declaration letter that you can submit to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

Do I have an edge with my PR application if I used to study in Singapore?

It entirely depends on where you used to study in Singapore. It will definitely work to your advantage if you have been to a local school- primary, secondary or universities (like SMU, NTU, NUS, NP, SP, RP, TP, and NYP). It will make ICA officials understand that you can integrate successfully with the local community.…

I have been living overseas after receiving my PR status in Singapore. Is it possible to renew my PR even though I have not been living in the country?

Yes, it is entirely possible. However, you have to apply for a re-entry permit. The permit is valid for five years. Hence, it is best to stay and study or work in Singapore for the last two or three years out of these 5 years periods. This way, you can pay income tax in Singapore…

After getting my PR status, can I stay overseas for a work commitment?

You can stay overseas after getting your PR status, but you will need to obtain a re-entry permit. The re-entry permit comes with a validity of five years. It is highly recommended to stay in Singapore and work locally for the last 2-3 years out of this 5 year period. This way, you can pay…

My PR application was rejected. What should I do next?

One ICA rejects your PR application. There is a six-month cooling-off period until you can submit your next application. You can leverage this time to build your profile with our PR Application Team so you can be in the top 5% of applicants in the next selection round. You also have an option to file…

I applied on my own before, but my PR application got rejected. Why?

Many Singapore PR applicants who apply on their own get rejected. There could be multiple reasons for rejection, like a weak profile, unsatisfactory cover letters, incomplete forms, or documents. However, ICA does not reveal the reasons behind a rejected application. Hence, individuals cannot precisely pinpoint the basis of their rejected application. In general, it is…

My friend is just like me in terms of qualifications and work experience. However, his application got approved, but I got rejected. Why?

The two cases may seem similar by glancing at, but there are definitely significant differences between you and your friend’s background. Two completely identical cases do not exist. ICA checks every tiny detail of your case before approving or rejecting your application.

I have lost my education certificate, such as a Bachelor’s Degree. What must be done in this situation?

You have three options ; Contact the university and get a new copy of the certificate If the above is not possible, file an affidavit declaration Additionally, we draft a declaration letter explaining your situation to the ICA in case you lost any of your required documents.

I want to change my job while my PR application is still getting processed by the ICA. Will this affect my chances of approval?

Switching your job during your PR application does not usually negatively affect you unless you are frequently switching jobs. Getting a promotion or increment is always a positive change. However, do inform ICA about this change. In addition to that, every time there is a crucial or huge change in your profile after submitting your…

How can you write my cover letter for submission when you do not even know me?

When you engage our services, the first step will be in-depth analysis of your profile. When we carry out this step, we will have enough information about you. Our professional writer then will create a personalized cover letter, which we send to you the first draft to vet and make the edits as required.

Why doesn’t the ICA ask for the cover letter and additional documents when they are so important?

If the ICA explicitly asks for a cover letter, all applicants will start sending many cover letters, most of which hold little to no value. Similarly, asking for additional documents will only result in applicants piling up as much paperwork as they can to make their cases stand out as much as possible. Also, it…

Do the renewals of the Re-Entry permit also get rejected?

We have seen the renewals for re-entry getting rejected for basically two main reasons: The client failed to stay for a considerable amount of time in Singapore The client is unemployed for extended times after the approval of the PR application The PR status is granted to the applicants because the government thinks they are…

I am seeking employment in Singapore.

If you are looking for employment in Singapore as a foreigner, you must seek an employment agency’s services or use a job portal. We help you with your immigration profile and provide support for Citizenship, and PR applications with the ICA. However, we will not be able to offer any help with your job search.

Can I withdraw my Singapore PR renewal application?

Yes you can. Basically, what it means is you will not be renewing your re-entry permit for Singapore. However, this can have a significant impact on your status as PR. If you were to travel out of Singapore and do not have REP, your PR status will be lost permanently.

Do you get a response after an appeal on rejected Singapore PR application?

Yes. ICA will usually respond to your appeal within 3-4 months. However, please note that most appeals are rejected unless significant factors warrant deviation from initial rejection.

Does changing jobs affect your PR application in Singapore?

Yes you can change jobs while your PR application is in process. However, do notify ICA about this change. You can either choose to email them at ICA_PR@ica.gov.sg or contact them physically at their offices at Immigration & Checkpoints Authority ICA Building 10 Kallang Road Singapore 208718 the following information or documents: An explanatory document…

Does PR application in Singapore have an interview?

Interviews for PR applications are extremely rare. The interviews were a procedure in the old regime (Paper-based applications) where ICA officers could conduct an interview in case there were doubts about the application. However, even then, an interview was not a common practice.

How long does it take to know PR application results?

Most of the PR applications in Singapore are decided within 6-9 months. So this is the time in which you should get results for your case also.

How to check Singapore PR application status?

Once your PR Application is filed, you can check the status of your application in the e-PR system. For this, you need to go to the e-PR system, and after selecting employment Pass holder, click on check application status. Once logged in, the system will show you the status of your PR application. Check the…

How to fill up the Singapore PR application form?

Currently, the recommended way is to download the form in PDF form. Fill it up and then upload it back in e-PR system. This is the preferred way. After download, ensure to fill up details using a computer (What we mean is don’t print and sign). This keeps form neat and clean.

How to submit PR application in Singapore for a child?

If you are a parent who is also applying for PR, you can include your children in the PR application. A family application is always recommended way instead of a solo application. If you are already holding PR status in Singapore, but your child is not ( e.g. A baby born recently), you can file…

How to update my Singapore PR application for subsequent changes after filing?

Suppose there are significant changes in your circumstances after filing a PR application. In that case, you can notify ICA about this by writing to them at ICA_PR@ica.gov.sg or contact them physically at their offices at Immigration & Checkpoints Authority ICA Building 10 Kallang Road Singapore 208718. Make sure to include scanned copies of all…

Is a birth certificate mandatory for Singapore PR applications?

Yes. A birth certificate is a mandatory document for PR applications. Without this, filing a successful PR application is not possible. If you do not have a birth certificate, then there are alternative ways. Please get in touch with us for advisory on this.

What does FIN mean in a Singapore PR application?

FIN stands for Foreign Identification Number. It refers to your Employment Pass, Dependant Pass, S pass number.

What happens if all documents required for a PR application are not available?

Generally, all the documents mentioned by ICA are mandatory. If a document is not available, then depending on the document, there can be alternative options. For example, you can prepare and file an affidavit. If you need advisory on any of these matters, please get in touch with us.

Where to submit PR application in Singapore?

PR applications are submitted online by logging into ICA system using your Singpass.

What is Singapore PR (Permanent Residence)?

PR or Permanent Residence status is Singapore’s second most privileged immigration status. It comes right after Singapore citizenship. A Singapore PR enjoys many privileges, such as freedom of stay even if job is lost, work in job or start business, and purchase property at lower tax rates in the city-state. In addition, you become a…

PR Application for Grandma.

Question : Is it possible to apply for PR for my grandma who is 94 and currently on a long-term pass.   This question is bit complex than it appears. First of all you need to understand the correct scheme under which your grandma can apply. Aged Parents of a Singapore Citizen This is the…

Birth Certificate at hometown for PR Application

I planned to apply for PR soon but I cannot travel back to my hometown to get my original documents (birth certificate) due to the current COVID situation. Is it possible to complete the formalities without showing one of the original documents after the application is approved?   PR Process is from 4- 10 months…

Appeal or Reapply after Rejection of PR

Is it better to file an appeal or just wait for another 6 months and re-apply? What do you recommend? Filing an appeal just for the sake of filing is not going to make any difference. The appeal will have chances of success only if there are significant differences in your circumstances. So check carefully…

Student Getting a Job

I am a student in Singapore and I completed my education in Singapore. I did pass national-level examinations, and hence I am eligible to apply for Singapore PR under the student scheme. However, I will be completing my education in 3 months. After this DBS bank has offered me a job and they will apply…

Is PR Harder to Get

Over the years is it becoming difficult to get PR   Yes it is true that getting PR is difficult today than, say 10-12 years back. Moreover, for some segments like the sector of the economy, country of origin it might be especially harder to get PR. Do not rely on YouTube Gurus Because of…

Is PR Harder to Get for Some

Is there any specific trend that PR is difficult to get for certain nationalities, people working in certain sectors of the economy, certain specific age groups etc?   Yes. From the information available to us, we see that for people in some specific sectors getting a PR is more difficult than others. The objective of…

Where Spouse also on EP

My wife and I are working in Singapore on an employment pass. When we came to Singapore, my wife got a dependant pass first. However, when she got a job offer the company sponsored an employment pass for her. Now we plan to apply for PR. Would it be a single application for both of…

Can I take a selfie with my mobile phone for my PR or Citizenship application in Singapore?

Its upto you. Maybe asking somebody to take the photo with a plain colour wall behind is a better option. The best option always will be to take a photograph from a professional photographer. Usually, you will find one in the shopping malls or the nearby market. These photographers are well aware of ICA requirements.…

Over the years, is it getting difficult to get PR in Singapore?

Yes it is true that getting PR is difficult today than, say 10-12 years back. Moreover, for some segments like the sector of the economy, country of origin it might be especially harder to get PR. Do not rely on YouTube Gurus Because of the difficulty on obtaining PR, you should take your PR application…

Can I use a photograph taken with my mobile phone for a PR or Citizenship application?

The best option always will be to take a photograph from a professional photographer. Usually, you will find one in the shopping malls or the nearby market. These photographers are well aware of ICA requirements. Also, they have professional lighting available. However now a days the phone cameras and apps are also capable of taking…

What are the photo guidelines issued by the ICA for Singapore PR or Citizenship applications?

Photo Guidelines as issued by ICA are as follows ; 35mm wide by 45 mm high without border and taken within the last 3 months; Taken against a plain white background with a matt or semi-matt finish; 400 by 514 pixels image size; Taken full face without headgear, unless the applicant habitually wears a headgear…

I have been to some other firms and found a difference in the price quoted by them. In fact, the prices quoted seem to be proportionate to the salaries?

We can not comment on the appropriateness of pricing of other competitors in the market. However, We strictly follow our internal pricing guidelines. Our pricing is not opportunistic. Just because somebody’s salary is high we will not charge more. Our charges are based mainly on the following two Applicant’s family size (Number of people applying…

I’ve heard that getting Singapore PR is more difficult now. Are there any statistics to prove this statement?

The non-resident population of Singapore has increased significantly in the last decade. Due to this, the number of PR applicants in the last few years has also increased. However, the number of PR applications getting approved is fixed at about 30,000 yearly (Which was around 80000 in 2008). Therefore, the competition has increased while the…

I have applied seven times for Singapore PR and got rejected every time. What can I do to make sure that I do not get rejected again?

If your application was not approved seven times, there has to be some reason for it. There could be an issue with your case that you may not be seeing. It is best to hire an immigration specialist to review your profile and documents. If there is a fault line in your case, the immigration…

I am an EP holder, and my age is 38, while my son is 11 years old. What is the cut-off date before I can file PR application to maximize my chances of success, considering it is my first attempt?

There is nothing like a cut-off date for a Singapore PR application. If you are an EP holder and have worked for a few years in Singapore, you are eligible to apply. However, your son will be liable for National Services if you sponsor his PR application. The national service liability arises at the age…

How can I start a business in Singapore from scratch with an Employment Pass or a Dependant Pass?

The company registration process is almost similar for both EP and DP holders. To register a Singapore business, you must fulfill these requirements: Register a company name Minimum paid-up capital, which can be S$1 At least one local director or a nominee director Company’s registered address in Singapore One company secretary who is a local…

Is there a minimum amount of time to stay in Singapore to become eligible for PR application?

There are many PR schemes under which you can apply, and all of them have different requirements. For the Foreign Students scheme, you must be living in Singapore for at least two years to become eligible for PR application. For other schemes, there is no such minimum duration of stay required. However, you must provide…

My birth certificate is in the Hindi language. Where can I get it translated into English in Singapore for my PR application?

You can get your birth certificate and other required documents translated into English by any professionally qualified and certified translator. There are many translation agencies in Singapore. You can also ask your immigration specialist, and they will help you get a notarized translation of your documents. Another place is to check with the Indian high…

My husband was a Singaporean citizen who died in 2001. I have two children aged 27 and 30. Is there a chance that they can apply for Singapore Citizenship?

The Singapore government grants Citizenship to the children of Singapore citizens in three different ways. Citizenship by birth – if the child was born in Singapore and at least one of the parent was Singapore Citizen at the time of birth of the child Citizenship by descent – if the child was born outside Singapore…

I am a Singapore PR. Can I apply for an LTVP for my parents, who currently live in India?

If you are a Singapore PR and over 21 years old, you can sponsor Long Term Visit Passes for your parents. You can apply online using e-services. The duration and validity of LTVP for your parents will be tied with your Singapore PR validity dates. So if your PR REP remaining period is 2 years…

My PR application status has been pending for over 15 months. What can be the reason for it, and what should I do?

Generally, a PR application takes 6 to 12 months to process. If it is taking any longer, there can be several reasons for it. As long as it is not rejected, it is a good sign. You can check with ICA about your pending status. However, ICA never reveals its procedures, current status and reasons…

Can I apply for a Singapore PR by providing my tax invoice or bank transaction instead of my salary slip and employer’s letter?

The Singapore PR eligibility criteria are different for all the schemes. If you apply under the PTS scheme, you must provide your salary slip and an employer’s letter from your current employer. For other schemes like GIP or Foreign Students scheme, you do not need to provide these documents. ICA may also ask you for…

What is a current Employer’s Letter? How is it different from the Annex A form?

An employer’s letter is a letter from your employer addressed to the Controller of Immigration providing the following data: Date of employment Current position in the company Past six months’ salary with breakdown into basic, allowance, and overtime for each month Leaves Working days & hours of work The letter should not be dated more…

Who is more eligible for PR status: an LTVP holder whose spouse is a PR or an S Pass holder whose spouse is a PR?

Being an LTVP holder or an S Pass holder does not mean that one is more eligible than the others. There are various other factors that ICA considers before approving your PR application. However, there is one significant difference. An LTVP holder can apply through Sponsored scheme only, where the spouse of the LTVP holder…

My spouse and I are Employment Pass holders in Singapore. Can we apply together in a single PR application, or should we apply separately?

Where possible you should apply as a family. Remember, immigration is about intent to settle in Singapore. A family PR application demonstrates it very well. So in your case, stronger person (in terms of salary, education) should become main applicant and the other spouse should apply as a spouse in same PR application.

I am an American citizen of the Indian race. Is it hard for me to get Singapore PR for my kids?

If you are a Singapore PR, you can sponsor your children’s PR applications if they are: Born to you when you are in a legal marriage Legally adopted by you Must be less than 21 years old The procedure is neither hard nor easy. It is just the same for all such applications. ICA considers…

I want to apply for PR status under the GIP scheme. Is there a good authorized agent who can help with my PR application?

You can connect with our PR application team to assist with your PR application under the GIP scheme. Our team of expert immigration specialists with years of experience can help you submit a flawless application and increase your chances of success. However, please note that GIP criteria is quite extensive and strict. The Paperwork involved…

I am a work permit holder working in healthcare with a monthly salary of S$1500. I don’t have a diploma or degree.

I am a work permit holder working in healthcare with a monthly salary of S$1500. I don’t have a diploma or degree. I also have a child who is in Malaysia right now. Can I apply for PR and reside in Singapore with my child?   Work permit holders are not eligible to apply for…

If I start my Singapore PR application but cannot make the payment or add any document within seven days, can I do it after seven days? Does ICA provide any extension?

If you fail to upload any document within seven days of starting your PR application, your application will not be processed and will be ignored as an incomplete submission. Eventually, it will get deleted from the ICA system. There is total 168 hours time to you to file your documents.

I am an S Pass holder, but my diploma is from an Indian institute. Is my diploma valid to apply for Singapore PR?

If you hold an S Pass, it means Singapore authorities have already recognized your diploma. Being an S Pass holder, you are eligible to apply. When you get an EP or an S pass, you have passed the first hurdle. So long as you hold either one of these passes you are eligible to file…

What is the minimum salary requirement when applying for Singapore PR?

There is no minimum salary requirement to apply for PR. You just need to be an S Pass or Employment Pass holder to become eligible. Minimum salary criteria apply for EP and S Pass approvals. Also, it is used at the time of issuing dependent passes and LTVP for parents.

How can I apply for PR if I have a job in Singapore?

You can apply under the PTS scheme. You need the last six months’ payslips, so you need to live and work in Singapore for at least six months. To apply, you can visit ICA’s website, or you can use services of a professional firm like ours.

Can I file Singapore PR Application as a Caucasian person?

Any foreigner who is eligible under any scheme can apply for the Singapore PR status. So if you are working in Singapore and are on Employment / S Pass, then you are eligible to apply for PR.

I am an American citizen and want to attend a Singapore University for my further studies. For PR, I have to pass any national-level exam which I have not. Will I face any problems with my PR application in the future?

If you enroll in a recognized university in Singapore and get a degree or diploma, it can help you get a job in Singapore that requires an S Pass or Employment Pass. Once you obtain one of these passes, you become eligible to apply for Singapore PR, even if you could not pass any national-level…

Is it difficult to get PR for the spouse of a Singapore citizen?

If you are a Singapore citizen and legally married to your spouse, they can apply for PR. Getting PR for the spouse of a Singapore citizen is not much difficult. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the success rate in this scenario is 49%, much better than applying for PR under other schemes. However…

Should I start my PR application on the ICA website and then ask my HR for the required letter? Or, should I get the required letter from my HR and then apply on the ICA website?

There are two different documents you need from your company for your PR application. One is the form Annex A, and the other is an employer’s letter. Form Annex A is downloaded from the ICA’s website with your PR application form, whereas the employer’s letter can be issued from your company. It is totally up…

Once I submit my PR application, how many days should I wait before checking its online status?

It is possible to start checking your PR application status after a few days of applying. However, a PR application usually takes 6-12 months to process, and the status of your application remains pending throughout that duration. Therefore, it is suggested to start checking your application’s status at least after four to five months.

Is it easy for Malaysian people to get PR in Singapore?

Malaysia has a similar culture and language, making it easier for Malaysians to integrate into Singapore society socially. So it can be said that to some extent approval of Singapore PR application for Malaysians is bit easy.

Is it easy to get PR for someone with a Ph.D. working in a selective lucrative profession?

Having a Ph.D. does not guarantee you for PR status in Singapore. Also, only S Pass and Employment Pass holders can apply no matter what profession you are working in. However, if you are an S Pass or E Pass holder with a Ph.D., it may have some positive impact on your PR application. However…

Is there an age limit to apply for Singapore PR?

Ideally, you must be under 50 years old for better chances of success. If you are older, you must submit a strong profile that shows your strengths in other areas to make ICA consider your application on different merits than the age. However as per regulations there is no age limit to file PR application.…

I’m an EntrePass holder. Is there a pathway for me to acquire Singapore PR status?

EntrePass holders are eligible for PR status after a period of time. They are also required to apply under the PTS scheme. Their PR application must show that they are running an innovative business that is beneficial for Singapore. So there is no special pathway for you (if that’s what your question is about). You…

Does Singapore have a point-based PR approval system similar to some other countries like Canada?

Singapore does not have a point-based PR system similar to countries like Canada, NZ, and Australia. You must fit the ICA’s eligibility criteria for applying. However, ICA assesses your PR application based on various factors that takes into consideration multiple factors, such as duration of stay in Singapore, work pass, the highest level of education,…

I got married to a Singapore PR two years ago. After the wedding, I constantly applied for a Long Term Visit Pass but was denied every time. What should I do?

The rejection rate of an LTVP or LTVP+ pass is relatively low. If you are constantly getting rejected, you must check with the ICA. The possible reasons could be that the sponsor has an adverse record or failed to showcase their ability to support you financially. Recently ICA introduced something called as PMLA (Pre Marriage…

Can I travel visa-free with Singapore PR?

Once you become a Singapore PR, you can get a re-entry stamp on your passport, which allows you to travel without applying for a visa in and out of Singapore. However, you are still holding the passport of your country of origin. So if you are travelling to any country other than Singapore then immigration…

My original birth certificate was lost when I was trying to mail it. Can I file PR application with a government-authorized copy of my birth certificate?

When you submit your application, you only need a digital/scanned copy of your documents. However, after your application’s approval, you must present all the original documents to the ICA office to obtain your PR certificate. A PR application takes over six months to process, giving you enough time to get your birth certificate reissued in…

Do I have to renew my Employment Pass or S Pass after getting Singapore PR?

When you visit the ICA office to verify your original documents and receive your PR certificate, your S Pass or E Pass will be taken from you and cancelled. Once you become a PR, you do not need a work pass in Singapore. Your Singapore PR will replace the work pass.

I am offered a job as a trainee in a Singapore company. Can I apply for PR after working and staying six months in Singapore?

It depends on the type of work pass you will have. If it is an S Pass or an Employment Pass, you are eligible to file PR application after six months. With other passes, you cannot apply for PR.

My pre-marriage LTVP assessment was rejected. Can I still get married in Singapore as my fiancée is not a Singapore resident?

Yes, you can still get married. The pre-marriage LTVP assessment can help you get an LTVP faster. If you got did not pass, it only means that your LTVP might take a longer time.

Does your industry sector and income matter a lot while applying for PR?

Income does not matter while applying for PR. However, working in an on-demand market where talent is required and scarce, you could have better chances of approval.

Can I apply without the form Annex A? I am worried that my HR might think I would leave the company after getting PR.

Annex A form is a requirement while applying for PR. Also, HR does not have the right to stop you from applying. Therefore, if you are eligible, you can go ahead and apply. Attaching Annex A is a requirement. So you should not apply without Annex A.

My birth certificate is in Malaysian. Do I have to translate it into English before submitting it with my application?

This is a bit tricky questions. ICA site mentions that your documents must be translated in English so going by it – Yes, you need an official English translation of your birth certificate to apply. You can apply for an English certificate via Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. It will cost you RM10, and you will also…

I am getting married soon and need to get an LTVP for my fiancée. Should I apply online or call the ICA? Which option is better?

ICA accepts all the LTVP applications via its online portal. However, you can call them if there is any query, and they might help you with that.

How many years after getting PR should I wait to apply for Citizenship?

You have to be a Singapore PR for at least two years to become eligible to apply for Citizenship.

Do I have to serve in National Services if I get my PR through the PTS scheme, given that I am an EP holder?

As the first generation of PR, you are exempted from the NS. However, any fit male child of yours will be liable to serve in the National Services.

What are the major pros and cons of a Singapore PR?

There are many pros of being a Singapore PR. Some of the pros are: Visa-free travel in and out of Singapore Lower stamp duty on purchasing property You can buy HDB flats CPF contributions Do not need a pass to find jobs in Singapore If job loss, can still stay in Singapore Spouse if gets…

Should I apply for Singapore PR if I am going to live in Singapore for another 2-3 years only?

If you do not stay in Singapore after getting a PR, you may face problems while renewing your Re-Entry permit. PR status is not permanent, and you need to be living and making contributions in Singapore to enjoy PR benefits, or else it may get canceled in due time. In case your plans are short…

I currently live in Australia and trade stocks/futures independently, which makes me self-employed. Is there a business visa I can get to come to Singapore and then apply for PR later?

To become eligible for PR status under the PTS scheme, you must be an S Pass or E Pass holder and work in a Singapore company. You can try the investor route under the GIP scheme, but that requires you to make significant investments in the Singapore business landscape, and you must also have a…

If my employer does not help by filling Annex A or providing the employer’s letter, what should I do?

your employer does not have the right to stop you from submitting the PR application. If they do not help by filling the form Annex A and providing the employer’s letter, you can write a letter explaining your circumstances to ICA and attach it in place of Annex A.

I have been a professional foreign exchange trader for 12 years and would like to apply for a job in Singapore. However, I am 50 years old. Is there a chance for me to get PR in Singapore?

Yes, there is a chance even for the people who are 50 or above. Your age can be overlooked as long as your profile is strong in other areas.

I am a doctor and want to move to Singapore. How long will it take to become a PR or Singapore Citizen? Can I also move my parents permanently to Singapore with me?

You will need to hold an S Pass or Employment Pass for at least six months to qualify for PR application in Singapore. After obtaining the PR status, you become eligible for Singapore citizenship in the next two years. To bring your parents, you can apply for an LTVP. You need to meet the minimum…

I am an EP holder in Singapore, but my company says that they will change the pass to a work permit in the next 4-6 months.

I am an EP holder in Singapore, but my company says that they will change the pass to a work permit in the next 4-6 months. So if I apply for PR this month and the company changes my pass to a work permit five months later, will I get the PR?   If you…

I am pursuing my masters in Indonesia, and I am a Nepali citizen. I want to become Singapore PR. What should be the procedure?

You can apply for Singapore PR if you meet the general eligibility criteria. You can apply through various schemes depending on your eligibility. PTS scheme – for EP or S Pass holder Sponsored scheme – Spouse or unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore PR or citizen Sponsored scheme – Aged parents of…

Do foreigners who get the PR must enlist in the army?

All male Singapore citizens and PRs must enlist in the NS unless they are exempted. You are exempted from NS as the first-generation PR if you get PR under the PTS or GIP scheme. However, if you get your PR under the Foreign Students scheme or Sponsored scheme, you are liable to enlist once you…

Do I have to work under certain established Singapore employers to become eligible for PR?

The employer only needs to be a legitimate company conducting business in Singapore. There is no other employer-specific requirement for PR.

How soon can I sponsor my parents to visit Singapore? Also, can I sponsor them to stay permanently with me?

If your parents are visiting for a short time, they can apply for a tourist visa. You do not need to sponsor them. However, if they want to stay with you for a longer time, you can apply for an LTVP as soon as you become a PR. If you apply for Citizenship in the…

I lost my birth certificate. Can I use household census while applying for PR?

household census is accepted as a valid document in lieu of birth certificate. However we have seen some cases where household census was rejected. In that case you must go to your country’s Embassy and get yourself issued one before applying for PR.

In the 4A form, do I need to include my SPM and foundation program in the education section, or just my bachelor’s degree is enough? What category should I choose to upload them?

You can only mention and upload your highest education certificate or your degree certificate. You must proceed with the category ‘myself.’  However, once your reach the document upload section, you can upload documents and state reasons for the ones you do not have.

How can I get PR without a job in Singapore?

The PTS scheme is applicable to get a PR for S Pass and Employment Pass holders. However, there are other schemes to apply if you are eligible for them. Sponsored scheme – for the spouse, children of Singapore PR or citizen & for aged parents of a Singapore citizen Foreign Students Scheme – for international…

Does being a member of a professional society, club, or organization improve your PR application?

If you are a member of a professional society, club, or organization, it has a positive impact on your PR application. It shows your social integration skills.

How much chance do people from Bangladesh have while applying for PR?

The chance you have depends on your individual merits and eligibility. Your nationality or race does not play any significant role as long as you fulfill all the ICA’s requirements.

Is it necessary to stay in Singapore for at least two years to apply for PR?

Under the PTS scheme, you become eligible after working for six months in Singapore. However, it is recommended to apply after two years to have an IRAS tax profile. There is a high possibility of rejection if you apply immediately after six months.

I have been working as a foreign worker in Singapore for two years. I was told that I must have a minimum salary of S$6,000 and a minimum five-year duration of stay to apply for PR. Can I apply now?

If you are an S Pass or Employment Pass holder, you can apply after six months of working and staying in Singapore. There is no such salary or duration of stay requirement. Generally, it is better to apply after two years of living and working in Singapore to have a IRAS tax profile, which can…

I am a PR holder in Singapore and have a wife and two kids living in my home country. I have been trying to bring them to Singapore with the sponsored scheme and was rejected twice. What can I do?

You can bring your family to Singapore on an LTVP to stay with you. If you are sponsoring your wife’s and children’s PR application, ICA considers a number of factors for it. These factors include your salary, your wife’s employment status, etc. You should check with ICA if there is any issue with your documents.…

For documents not in English, do I need to get the translations notarized by a Singapore-based lawyer?

ICA mentioned in their official documents that for documents that are not in English, they accept: Translated copy of the document issued by the Embassy of the country where the document was issued or by a local Notary Public Self-translated copy of the document attested by the Embassy of the country where the document was…

I lived in Singapore for five years but had to return to my country. I am back in Singapore now after living in my country for the last three years. Can I apply for PR now?

If you are eligible under the general criteria, then you can apply. It is recommended to spend at least two years in Singapore, though you can apply after a minimum duration of six months.

Is volunteering essential for a Singapore PR application?

Volunteering is one of the factors that ICA looks into while assessing your PR application. Having a volunteering segment in your application positively impacts the immigration officer by showcasing social integration and social contribution.

For PR applicants holding an S Pass, how much minimum salary is needed on the salary slip?

There is no minimum salary required to apply for PR. Being an S Pass or E Pass holder, you are eligible to apply as you need a minimum wage to receive these passes.

What documents should I prepare to submit for my PR application?

You must prepare all the documents required by the ICA. These documents include: Passport size photograph Birth certificate Highest education certificate Salary slips of last six months Form 4A Annex A Employer’s letter Notarized translations if your documents are not in English

Can I go to my home country for vacation when my PR application is processed?

Yes, you can travel to your home country while your application is getting processed. However, you must be available at your given address to receive the crucial documents once your PR application is approved. Also, you must visit the ICA’s office for verification of documents and receive your PR certificate.

I am an S Pass holder, holding a UG degree, and working in Singapore for seven years. Am I eligible to apply for PR?

If you are holding an S Pass, you are eligible to apply.

My wife is an S Pass holder, and I am a work permit holder. Both of us have the same degree. My wife is going to apply for SPR. Is it possible for me to apply with her?

As a work permit holder, you are not eligible to apply. However, your wife can sponsor your PR application as a spouse. Another option for you is to ask your employer to upgrade your work permit to S Pass, so you also become eligible to apply.

My husband is an EP holder with S$6,000 salary. I have recently started a job in Singapore as a nurse. We applied for PR and got rejected twice. What can be the reason for rejection?

ICA does not reveal the reason for rejection. There can be many reasons for rejection, such as an error in documents, incorrect format, or any information left out while filling out the form. The best you can do is wait for at least six months and make some significant improvements in your profile. It is…

Do I need to give an English test for my PR application?

No, there is no English test required for Singapore PR application.

I have been in Singapore on a student visa for one year. Can I apply for PR?

To become eligible to apply for PR under the Foreign Students scheme, you must be living in Singapore as a student for at least two years. You must also pass a national-level exam or be a part of an IP stream to become eligible to apply.

Can a PR get a Singapore passport?

No, you must be a Singapore citizen to get a Singapore passport. However, you can apply for Singapore citizenship after two years of becoming a Singapore PR. After becoming PR you still continue to be national or citizen of your home country.

I have been living in Singapore on an S Pass for 1.5 years. I am a diploma holder from India and have not paid any taxes to the IRAS.

I have been living in Singapore on an S Pass for 1.5 years. I am a diploma holder from India and have not paid any taxes to the IRAS. However, my application has been pending for over a year. Is it possible for me to get a positive outcome?   If you have applied already,…

How can I get my original documents translated for PR?

You can get an authorized translation from the Embassy of your home country or Embassy in Singapore. Another option is to self-translate and gets the translation notarized by Notary Public in Singapore.

I have completed my degree in India. How can I become a PR in Singapore?

As a degree holder, you can apply for a job in Singapore and get an Employment Pass. After working in Singapore for six months, you become eligible to apply for PR. Though in general it is recommended to wait for 2-3 years before filing your PR application.

How to upload the required documents after uploading Form 4A?

Once you upload Form 4A, you will be required to input some additional information and review the data. After this step, you will get the option to upload your documents. You can easily upload these documents from your laptop or your computer.

What is the Singapore government website to apply for PR?

The ICA’s website to apply for PR is – https://www.ica.gov.sg/reside/PR/apply.

Many people can easily fit the general criteria for Singapore PR Application. What other things can I do to stand out from the thousands of other applicants and increase my chances of approval?

A PR application is assessed based on many factors. There are many things ICA looks into before granting the status. You can take the following steps to increase your chances: Integrate socially with the local population and get some references Make some social contributions such as donations and volunteering work Give info about any extended…

Do you need a valid address in Singapore to apply for Singapore PR?

Yes, you need a valid Singapore address to receive your important documents after the approval of your PR application.

Can foreigners from countries other than Malaysia and China apply for Singapore PR?

Yes, foreigners from different countries can apply to become a Singapore. You must fulfill the general eligibility criteria to apply. You must fall in one of the schemes.

I am a foreign student in Singapore. If I get PR, will my visa extend for a lifetime?

Once you become a Singapore PR, you do not need a visa to enter or live in Singapore. However, you will be required to renew your Re-entry Permit every five years, or else you may lose your PR status.

Can I get PR if I marry a Singapore citizen?

You can get PR through the sponsored scheme. Your spouse can sponsor your application as a Singapore citizen.

Do the nature of the job and the size of the company matter while applying for PR?

As long as you have an S Pass or E Pass and your employer is a legitimate company in Singapore, you can apply for SPR. However the seniority of job and profile of company may exert a little influence on the outcome.

Will there be an interview after my application is accepted?

No, there will not be an interview. You have to visit the ICA’s office once, where they verify your original documents, and you return your work pass. You also get your PR certificate there.

What is the document format to upload my documents?

ICA accepts documents in PDF and your photograph in JPEG format.

Do I need the scanned copies of the documents?

Yes, you must provide scanned copies of your original documents.

I have downloaded Form 4A. Does it need to be handwritten or typewritten?

Either way is ok. But the most convenient way is typewritten before you submit it to the ICA’s portal.

Is it hard to apply for Singapore PR?

If you fit the eligibility criteria, you can apply easily through ICA’s online e-PR portal. Approval obviously depends on various factors and there is some evidence that last few years approvals are getting difficult.

Can Indians apply and get Singapore PR easily?

Just like any other foreigner, an Indian can also apply for SPR. However, the outcome of the application depends on several factors. Applying is easy, but the chances of approval depend on many factors. Please also note that to apply PR in Singapore, you must fall in one of the eligible categories. One of the…

How to get PR for your parents in Singapore?

Only parents of a Singapore citizen can apply for a PR. If you are a PR, you can bring your parents on an LTVP.

What is the procedure to apply for Singapore PR?

You can apply on the ICA’s website. You can download the offline form, fill it, and upload it to the portal. You can also fill the entire application online, but it is not a preferred way. You must ensure that you have the required documents before you start your online application. After filling the Form…

My PR is approved, and I am preparing for my ICA visit. Will I have to make some payment at the ICA office after receiving the PR certificate, or should I take the receipt of the fee that I paid earlier?

You will be required to pay REP, NRIC, and Entry Permit fees at the ICA office.

I am a New Zealand citizen and a mother of six children. Can I move to Singapore and apply for a PR? If I do not get the PR, do I have to pay each year to continue living in Singapore?

You can become eligible to apply for PR if you can secure an S Pass or E Pass by getting a job in a Singapore company. Or else, you need a sponsor to apply for an LTVP pass. However, if you cannot fulfill both these criteria, you cannot apply for Singapore PR.

What should I do if I change my address when my application is still under process?

You must inform the ICA immediately about the address change so they can change it in your application. It is essential because you will receive a letter from ICA upon the acceptance or rejection of your application.

I do not have a transcript for my degree certificate. While filling my application, the portal asks for a reason for not having transcripts. What should I do?

If you do not have your transcript, you can just upload your degree certificate and state the reason for not having it. If you forgot to upload, you could mail the ICA about it, and they may let you submit it later.

What documents are required to submit for showcasing my work experience?

You can include testimonials and reference letters from your previous employers to demonstrate your work experience.

What is the format of the employment letter for PR application?

In the employment letter, you must provide the following data: Date of joining the company Current role Salary details of last six months with breakdown into basic, overtime, and allowance Working days and total weekly hours Leaves Addressed to the Controller of Immigration

Where can I check my IC number after a successful PR application?

You can find your IC number on your Entry Permit.

I changed my job three weeks ago and willing to apply for PR.

I changed my job three weeks ago and willing to apply for PR. However, the payslips required for application must be six months old, which are from my previous company. Is there a section on the application to explain why I quit my last job and started the new one?   No you don’t have…

I am working as an accountant in Australia on a work visa. Can I get Singapore PR from here?

You must be working in Singapore for at least six months and holding an S Pass or E Pass to become eligible to apply for PR. You can also apply as a spouse of an SC or SPR under the sponsored scheme. Or, you can take the investor route that requires you to make a…

Which option is better: download the application form, fill it, then upload, or fill it online directly?

It is better to download the form and fill it offline. It gives you enough time to proofread and check for any errors. According to ICA also this is preferred way.

I got my birth certificate translated from JPN/UTC. Do I still need to get it notarized?

Officially translated documents from JPN/UTC or bilingual certificates do not need to be notarized.

How to inform ICA about activities after submitting my application? For instance, if I make some investments and do some volunteering work, how to update those things in my profile?

You can contact ICA and inform them about these activities. You can connect with them via postal mail or their email website.

Is a cover letter mandatory for a PR application?

A cover letter is not one of the requested documents by the ICA, hence not mandatory. You can use it as an additional document to supplement your application. It can help you to highlight various aspects of your application.

What is the ICA declaration form?

You need to download the declaration form from the ICA’s website while filling your application. You can review the information, sign the forms, and are required to upload them back to the system.

Do I need to translate my Malaysian identity card into English?

The Malaysian IC is already in English, so no need to translate.

Should I use all capital letters while filling my form?

You can use all capital letters or keep it standard where the first word of a sentence and proper nouns are capitalized.

I could not find the Annex A form and declaration form on the ICA website. Where can I find it?

The Annex A form is attached with Form 4A. Once you download 4A, Annex A is automatically downloaded. You must log in to the e-PR portal for the declaration form, and you can download it from there.

I am a Malaysian citizen and want to marry my boyfriend, who is a Singaporean. How can I move to Singapore after getting married? Should I get a job and apply for PR?

If you are married to a Singapore citizen, your spouse can apply for you by sponsoring your PR application.

I have been working as a work permit holder for seven years in Singapore. However, I do not have a diploma. Is it essential to have a higher qualification for PR application?

Singapore is a nation that emphasizes a lot on educational qualification. Also, you need to hold at least a diploma to get S Pass in Singapore and become eligible to apply for PR. Otherwise, you cannot apply. Please note as a work permit holder you are not eligible to apply for PR.

If I do not submit a specific document within seven days of starting the application, will the ICA accept my application?

You must submit all the required documents within seven days or 168 hours. If you fail to submit, you can try to connect with ICA to submit the missed documents later, or else your application will be rendered as an incomplete submission and will not get processed.

I do not know Chinese, and I am also not good at English. Do I stand a chance to get PR?

Yes, you have. Language proficiency is not tested in PR application.

Do I need to provide testimonials from my previous employers in Singapore only? Or, can I also provide testimonials from my previous employers in my home country?

It is better if you provide testimonials from employers of Singapore only. This way, it would be easier for ICA to track your employers and verify the details you give them. One key thing to note is to get testimonials from recent employment.

If I get Singapore PR, do I have to renounce my Indian Citizenship?

You do not need to renounce your Indian Citizenship after becoming a Singapore PR. You still continue to be citizen of India.

My husband is working in Singapore with a salary of S$2600. Can he apply for PR?

There is no minimum salary requirement for PR. As long as you have an S Pass or E Pass, you can apply.

How can I apply for Singapore PR as a student living here?

You can apply under the Foreign Students scheme. To become eligible, you must be living in Singapore for at least two years. You must also pass any national level exam or be part of any Integrated Programme.

I have submitted my online application but forgot to upload my certificates and transcripts. What should I do?

You can contact the ICA immediately and inform them about your situation. They may allow you to submit your documents again. If you still cannot find a solution, connect with our PR application team, and we will try our best to assist in your case.

Is the amount paid for the PR application refundable?

Regardless of the outcome, the fee paid for the Singapore PR application is not refundable.

I was sent on site to another country by my employer for 45 days. Do I need to mention this in my PR application and attach my passport’s stamp pages mentioning the same?

No. You neither need to declare this nor you need to attach passport stamps. ICA form asks for every place where you have stayed for 60 days or more. And even if you declare such a stay exceeding 60 days there is no need to attach passport stamps.

Should I inform my employer while applying for Singapore PR?

Yes, you need to inform your employer. You will need an employer’s letter and form Annex A for your PR application which your company fills.

There is a missing page in my payslip, and I have already submitted the application. Is there anything I can do now?

The ICA requires you to submit the last six months’ payslip. If you miss any pages, you can email ICA informing them about the issue. If you fail to do that, it might result in an incomplete submission.

Can I put my home country’s address in the local address section?

To become eligible for PR, you must be living in Singapore for at least six months. Therefore, you must provide your Singapore local address.

Is health screening required after PR approval?

If you have done a medical check-up within the last two years for your S Pass or E Pass application, you can just fill out a declaration. Otherwise, health screening is mandatory to collect your PR certificate.

I am from Malaysia. Should I submit my degree certificate only, or should I submit my SPM certificate as well?

Only the degree certificate is enough for your PR application.

Is it necessary to pay tax first for an S Pass holder to apply for Singapore PR?

As an S Pass holder, you become eligible to apply after six months working in Singapore. Generally, you do not pay any taxes within this period. However, having a tax profile helps your chances of success, but you have to wait for at least one year then.

What should be included in the employment letter?

The company letter should be on the proper company’s letterhead. It must be addressed to the ICA and contains information about your employment such as your salary, position in the company, responsibilities, etc.

Is it necessary to maintain a minimum bank balance for a PR application?

ICA only needs your salary slip. You do not have to submit your bank statements for the PR application.

Is it easier to get Singapore PR if you have been living in Singapore for over ten years?

Unless you hold an S Pass or Employment Pass and meet the minimum eligibility criteria, you cannot apply for PR. If you are eligible, then your duration of stay may have some positive impact on your application. Longer you have stayed more positive impact it will have.

Do I have to put the details of my family members in the application form?

Yes, you have to provide the details of your family members (parents, siblings, children, spouse) in the PR application form. This is irrespective of whether they are applying PR or not.

Do my university grades also affect my PR application?

There is no official statement from the ICA so far regarding assessing the application based on university grades. Hence, you can say that university grades do not matter while applying for PR. However if your education is from a very reputed university then it may have a positive impact.

Do you upload the photo with other documents during the online application?

Yes, you have to upload your photo with other documents during your online application.

Is there a maximum age limit to apply for Singapore citizenship?

There is no official statement from ICA stating a maximum age limit to apply for Singapore citizenship.

I have tried, and my PR application got rejected a couple of times. Should I file an appeal letter for rejection, or should I wait and reapply after six months?

You should appeal the rejection only when there are some significant changes in your profile, such as promotion in job, social contribution efforts, and change in the family nucleus. If there have been no improvements in your profile since your first rejection, you should work and upgrade your profile. You should also hire an immigration…

I have been an SPR since early 2000 and visited my home country a year ago.

I have been an SPR since early 2000 and visited my home country a year ago. However, I got stuck here due to the current pandemic and could not contribute to my CPF account. My Re-Entry Permit is also set for renewal next year. What should I do?   Re-Entry Permit renewal is denied (or…

Can English typing mistakes result in the rejection of a PR application?

ICA emphasizes the quality of the submission. If there are too many typing mistakes in your form, it means you did not give it enough time to proofread. Hence, it may result in an unsuccessful application.

Does the ICA only consider the salary as a source of income? What can I do if most of my income is passive through investments?

You can submit relevant documents with your application as proof of your passive income. However, ICA has different expectations and unique review criteria for every scheme. The passive income may not be much relevant if you are applying through PTS scheme.

Do you also offer services for the renewal of the Re-Entry Permit?

Yes, we also offer services regarding Re-Entry Permit Renewal.

Can I use my passport as an identity card in my PR application?

An identity card of an individual is a document issued by the country as proof of identity for its citizens/nationals. It is okay to submit your application without any identity card if your home country has not issued one to you. But do not use your passport as identity card.

Can a self-employed person be a PR in Singapore?

Yes, a self-employed person can become a Singapore PR. However, the applicant must register for a license or fulfill any conditions required to practice the applicant’s profession in Singapore (such as dentistry, law, architecture, etc.). If no such registration requirement exist in your profession / business then merely having a registered business is ok.

Can I apply for PR and LTVP concurrently?

Yes, you can apply for a Long Term Visit Pass and Singapore PR at the same time.

Can I apply for PR again after canceling it earlier?

You will have to submit a fresh PR application once you cancel your status. The chances of the application being successful depend on the prevailing conditions and their merit at that time. In addition, you will need to reinstate the CPF contributions that you have withdrawn earlier with interest. However in general once you have…

Does the application submission duration of seven days start after downloading the documents?

The time starts from the moment you start the process and access the menu to download the document. The seven days or 168-hour deadline to finish your application starts once you upload the completed form 4A.

How can I know the date when my PR is issued?

You receive an REP (Entry Permit) after the fulfillment of your PR formalities. Your REP has the date when your PR is issued.

How can I retrieve Form 5?

Form 5 is the Entry Permit given to you when your PR application is accepted, and you complete all the post-approval formalities. You will not find it anywhere at the time of filing the PR application.

How can I update my address in my ongoing PR application?

You can send an email to the email address mentioned in your PR application and update them about the address change. The email to contact ICA is – ICA_PR@ica.gov.sg.

Should I update the ICA if I renew my passport while my application is getting processed?

It is essential to inform ICA about any changes with your documents or your profile. You must mail the ICA a scanned copy of your renewed passport page displaying particulars, date of issue & expiry, passport number, and official description.

What does the immigration record in the PR application mean?

Immigration record means a list of nations where the main applicant spent more than six months in the last 10 years. In the immigration record, you will have to mention the addresses where you resided in each country, along with your arrival and departure records in Singapore.

How is a PR different than an LTVP?

An LTVP allows a foreigner to stay in Singapore for a social purpose for a specific period of time. However LTVP holders are not allowed to work in Singapore. On the other hand, the PR status enables the person to live and work permanently in Singapore without the need for any visa.

What is the EP152 form used for?

EP152 form is used to confirm that the applicants are working in the same company as mentioned in their e-PR application forms.

What must be the passport validity while applying for a PR application?

Your passport must be valid for at least the next six months when you apply for PR in Singapore.

From where can I get the EP152 form?

An EP152 is only given to the applicants who applied under the PTS scheme. You receive it with your IPA (In-Principle Approval) letter once your application is successful.

Is there any requirement for an interview for a PR application?

Generally, you must visit the ICA’s office after your application is approved. However, ICA will notify you in case it requires more information or documents via email or in the form of an interview. Interviews were a practice long time back, however in recent times we haven’t heard this practice really.

Can I apply without having a residential address in Singapore?

Having a Singapore address is mandatory in your application because you will receive all correspondence regarding your PR application at that address. You can provide a Singapore mailing address if you do not have any residential address in Singapore.

Is there a chance for my wife’s PR to get approved if the income in my last six months’ salary slips is low?

ICA assesses all PR applications carefully, and their approval depends on their own merits and the prevailing guidelines. So our suggestion is, if your wife fits the criteria then you can proceed for filing the application.

Must I be physically present in Singapore to submit my PR application?

ICA decided only to accept PR applications submitted via its online portal. Your physical presence is not required in Singapore for the submission.

How can I access the e-PR system?

You can access the e-PR system using your Singpass unless you are applying under the Foreign Students scheme. In that case, you need your FIN (Foreign Identification Number) to log in, including the issuance date of your Student’s Pass, LTVP, or DP.

How can I check my PR application’s status after submission?

You can check your permanent resident application’s status by logging in to the e-PR system and using the “Enquire Application Status.” Foreign Students can check their application’s status here with their FIN and date of birth.

What should I do if I input my name wrong in my application?

You can send an email to the email address declared in your PR application requesting to amend your name in the ongoing application.

How can I cancel my PR application without any fee or payment?

You can email ICA on ICA_PR@ica.gov.sg and submit your request to cancel your ongoing application. There is no cancellation fee, but the $100 processing fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can I delete my draft PR application?

Your PR application automatically gets deleted after 168 hours of starting it. You don’t have to do anything specific.

How can I make changes to my PR application?

You cannot make any amendments to records or submit additional documents after submitting your PR application.

How can I obtain the declaration forms for my PR application?

You can download the declaration forms after logging into the e-PR system with your Singpass.

Where do I find the IRAS consent form for ICA to verify my financial status?

You can download the IRAS consent form after logging into the e-PR system. This form allows the ICA to verify the financial information you give in your PR application with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

What is the maximum number of times I can apply for PR status?

There is no limit to the number of attempts you can make to obtain PR status in Singapore. You can always submit a new application after six months of receiving your rejection letter.

How can I submit my e-PR application without downloading the form?

You can fill in all the details in the online form on the e-PR portal and submit it. However this is not the preferred method as the form is long and can take time to fill in details. Also the chances of mistake grows due to the length of the form.

How can I upload the offline application form?

Once you fill the offline application form, you can log in to the e-PR system and upload it there.

How can I know if I have submitted my e-PR application successfully?

Once you finish all the formalities and process the payment, an acknowledgment page gets displayed. From the acknowledgment page, you can download your submission to review all the information. You also receive an application reference number to check the status of your application in the future.

I am married to a Singapore Citizen and also hold an Employment Pass in Singapore. Should I use my spouse’s Singpass or my own to access the e-PR system?

It depends on the type of scheme you are applying under. As a spouse of a Singapore Citizen, you can apply under the Family Ties scheme. In this scenario, your spouse’s Singpass will be used. However, you can also apply on your own under the PTS scheme as an EP holder. In this scenario, you…

Can I submit my PR application without any testimonials from my previous employer?

Testimonials from previous employers are not mandatory. You can submit your application without them if you do not have any.

What should I do if I cannot gather all the required documents within seven days?

You should prepare all the required documents before applying for PR status. If you need any assistance with document preparation, you can connect with our immigration experts, so you do not feel any inconvenience while submitting your application.

I forgot to print the receipt after submitting my application. Can I reprint it?

You can only print the receipt once you process the payment. There is no way to reprint the receipt once you close that page.

I forgot to include my dependants in my application and have already submitted the application. Is it possible to include them now?

If your application is submitted, you have two options. You can include them after your application’s outcome. You can withdraw your current application and submit a new one, including them. For the second option, you must know that the $100 processing fee is not refundable.

I have uploaded all the documents but did not get to the payment page. Is my submission already successful?

An application submission is only successful when you submit all the documents and pay the processing fee.

My child is going to an international school right now. What should I choose in the “highest standard passed” section in PR application?

You can choose a standard that is equivalent to your child’s current grade level. For instance, kindergarten in an international school is equivalent to Preschool. Similarly, grade 1-6 is equivalent to primary education without the leaving/passing certificate.

What must I do if I do not receive the post with my application’s outcome?

Ideally, you receive a post within one week from the date of your application’s outcome. If you do not receive them even after a week, you can connect with ICA at ICA_PR@ica.gov.sg.

Where can I find Form A10 when I apply under the PTS scheme?

Form A10 refers to the IRAS consent form, which can only be downloaded after logging in to the e-PR system.

Why is there a need to make a Disclosure?

The Disclosure is required to facilitate your submission of the e-PR application. The answers you give in the Disclosure are used to customize your application, so it only displays relevant sections to fill.

Do I get an email acknowledgment letter after successfully submitting my e-PR application?

After the submission is complete and payment is made, an acknowledgment page appears. You can take this page’s screenshot and download a copy of your submission. You will not receive a separate email.

Will it affect my son’s PR application if he applies for a student pass in Singapore?

There are no restrictions on applying concurrently for both PR and a student pass.

Can a Singapore PR/Citizen submit an application for one’s spouse without providing a marriage certificate at the time of submission?

A marriage certificate is mandatory to prove your marital relationship with your spouse. You cannot sponsor your spouse’s PR application without a legal marriage certificate.

Can I e-sign the PDF documents in my application?

Yes, you can e-sign the PDF documents required for your application.

Is it necessary to register my overseas marriage while applying for PR?

All the PR applicants must declare their marriage(s), even including the customary ones in their PR application form. However you do not need to register that marriage in Singapore. Marriage certificate copy from your home country in enough.

Is the fee $100 charged for the entire application, including spouse & children, or for each applicant?

The $100 fee is charged for each applicant.

I am a Singapore PR but not working in Singapore right now. Can I submit a PR application for my dependents?

Yes, you can submit a PR application for your dependents. However, the final decision will be of ICA to grant the status or not.

Can I apply for PR for my spouse and children even if they do not have a passport?

For every PR applicant, a travel document is a prerequisite with at least six months of validity. They must provide their passport details in the application, or else they cannot apply without one.

What payment modes are available for the online e-PR application?

You can process the payment with any of the following: MasterCard Debit/Credit Card VISA card AMEX (American Express) card PayNow Internet banking (DBS/POSB, UOB, Standard Chartered Bank, OCBC with a Singapore bank account)

Can my child attend school if the PR status is pending?

The pending status of a foreigner’s PR status does not affect one’s ability to get an education in Singapore. You child can attend school if he/she is on student pass or dependent pass.

If my E Pass or S Pass gets terminated, would it affect my PR application?

Applicants who apply under the PTS scheme must have a valid S Pass or Employment Pass at the time of application as well as at the time of completion of formalities. Any PTS applicant without a proper work pass will automatically get rejected. If you have applied for PR while on a valid pass, and…

Can I use my IPA letter to get entry into Singapore?

An IPA letter is not enough to grant entry into Singapore. Get in touch with our immigration experts to understand your situation and help you out in the best possible way.

How can I extend the date of my PR In-Principle Approval?

To request an extension for your PR In-Principle Approval, you must mail the ICA at ICA_PR@ica.gov.sg. IPA extension requests are subjected to the consideration of the ICA officer.

I am receiving PR with my children. Is it necessary for them to come to the appointment?

It is mandatory for all PR applicants to personally visit the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Building to complete formalities.

I am sponsoring my dependent’s PR application. Do I also need to visit the ICA Building for the appointment?

Both the applicant and the sponsor must visit the ICA’s office to complete the post-approval formalities.

Does my child also need to produce the Health Declaration?

All successful applicants, be it a child or an adult, must produce their Health Declaration and produce acknowledgment letter from the CPF board stating the PR formalities completion.

I have received my IPA after PR approval. However, my employer has refused to sign the form EP152. What can I do?

Form EP152 is required to confirm that an applicant is still working in the same company as mentioned in the PR application. If your employer refuses to sign it, you can submit other documents that can verify your current employment status. ICA can accept the following documents instead of EP152: A valid S Pass or…

What would happen if I could not complete my post-approval formalities within the IPA validity?

If you are unable to complete your PR formalities, you must mail the ICA and inform them, providing a valid reason.

When will the Identity Card become available after completing my PR formalities?

You can obtain your Identity Card within three months from the date of completing the PR application formalities.