Are you planning to file PR / Citizenship application soon?

Free access to our knowledge Folder. Knowledge in this folder is guaranteed to improve your case situation greatly. Don’t proceed without going through this material.


What is included in this folder?

  • 1 Professionally written Testimonial Template ( friend / relative )
  • 1 Professionally written testimonial Template ( professional or work related)
  • company letter template (Confirming various details of employment)
  • A complete 16 minute video on filling up the form online / form 4A
  • Some real steps you can take to improve your profile strength
  • Some top errors we find in documents submitted for PR / Citizenship by our clients – Check your documents against this list!

How to get access to the folder?

Fill up this above form and the portal will send you the password and link immediately.  If you don’t get this link in few minutes then check in SPAM Folder also. If still issues – do WhatsApp us at +65 6978 1212 (Yes a landline number is registered as business WhatsApp).

Why is it given Free? Is there any Catch?

There is no catch. You are free to use material for your ICA application filing as you wish. There are no obligations of any sort.

We have two objectives here

Knowledge Sharing

During our work we realised that many people lack even basic knowledge of immigration matters – like how to write a testimonial, or how to fill up a form, or how to check their own documents for correctness. So here we want to share some genuine knowledge to help people in their quest for PR or Citizenship Approval.

Some people turn into our customers

Some people after going through this material eventually turn into our paying customers. Which helps to grow our business.

We do send some marketing material for our paid plans to your email id, however there is no obligation to sign one.

What are you waiting for?

We assure you that you will find at least 7 points worthwhile for your application.

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We are up-front with our clients. If something in your plan is not likely to work, we will be frank and tell you so.