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How We Work?

Initial Consultation

Step 1

Initial Consultation

We want to invite you to our office for an initial consultation. This visit will give a fair idea about your profile, background, objectives, and history. We can share more details and how we work and how we can help you in your journey to obtain a successful PR or Citizenship status. This meeting can also be done via zoom.

Signing And Payment

Step 2

invoice And Payment

We will provide you with payment details and an invoice and you will be required to make the payment. Payment can be made by online bank transfer or pay now.

In-depth Profile Analysis

Now the activities start

In-depth Profile Analysis

In this step, we will give you few forms, questionnaires to fill up. This helps us to understand your profile in a much deeper way. The objective of this step to uncovering all potential scoring points off your profile. Based on the findings, we will prepare an action plan tailored specifically for you, which will be put in execution.

Document Review


Document Review

We will review all the documents you plan to submit for your PR or Citizenship. If any of the documents have errors and need further action, then we will advise you accordingly. If the documents require translation, then it will also be advised to you. You will then be required to get correct and validated documents.

Additional Documents

More Paperwork

Additional Documents

To strengthen your profile, we will also advise you to obtain certain additional documents. For this the sample text and formats (i.e. templates) we can provide where applicable. You will need to arrange these additional documents.

Cover Letter Preparation

Cover Letter

Cover Letter Preparation & Submission

Towards the end of the process, we will prepare an impressive cover letter for your specific case. This letter will take into consideration all the above factors, analysis, documents and any other relevant details. This letter will highlight your profile strongly for PR approval. With this the activities are over and case is ready for submission.

Once all these activities are completed, the submission can be done.

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