ICA PR Application: What is it?

If you have stayed or worked in Singapore as a foreigner then obviously you know what is PR and how relevant it is.

A PR refers to a foreigner who has been granted permanent residence status which allows him/her to reside in Singapore on a permanent basis.  PRs aged 15 years and above will be issued with the Singapore blue Identity Card (IC). A PR can stay in Singapore without a valid job, can start his/her own business freely, and generally gets all the perks on par with a citizen except some.

As a foreigner, you are eligible to apply for permanent residence if you are a/an:

  • Holder of an Employment Pass or S Pass
  • Spouse of a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident (PR)
  • Unmarried child aged below 21 years old, born within the context of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a Singapore citizen or PR
  • Aged parent of a Singapore citizen
  • Student studying in Singapore
  • Foreign investor in Singapore.

ICA PR Application Failure : The Consequences of Failing to Obtain PR Status in Time

You stand to lose a lot if you don’t get PR in time:

  • You could lose your job and be required to go back to your home country within 30 days.
  • Your children would be forced to go to international schools, which have high fees.
  • You won’t be able buy property without paying Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD).
  • Your spouse won’t be able to work on a Dependant Pass.
  • You cannot get subsidised medical services.
  • Your efforts to start a business will be hindered, as you will have to leave the job and start the business.
  • You will not be a part of Central Provident Fund (CPF), so there will be no retirement plan for you.

ICA PR Application : Once Upon a Time, Getting Approval was Easy

Ten or so years ago, getting your Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) approval was relatively easy. You could go to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building on some afternoon, take your papers along, wait for your ticket number to be called, present all copies and show all certificates. Then, after filing, you would get your results in 3 months. And rejection of PR was unheard of, especially if you had stayed for more than 2 years in Singapore.

Times have changed. Today, only 1 in 6 applicants obtains PR approval.

ICA PR Application Approvals : The Numbers Tell the Story

Notice in the table below how the approval rate for PR status has significantly declined over the last decade or so (from 2008 to 2020).

Table 1.1

Population Breakup: Singapore
Total Population4,839,0005,685,000
Non-Resident Population

  • EP/S Pass Holders
  • Dependant Pass Holders
Total EP/DP/SP holder490,360672,810
% population applying (25% Estimated)122,590168,202
Total PR Granted79,16727,500
Success Ratio64.50%16.34%
2 in 31 in 6

In 2020, only 1 in 6 applicants (16.34%) received PR approval vs. 2 out of 3 applicants (64.50%) in 2008. The numbers do indeed tell the story.

Prior to 2010, getting PR approval was quite easy today its not.

ICA PR Application : How Can You Improve Your Chances

Is it really possible to boost your chances of PR approval? After all, don’t the officials at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) simply rely on educational and employment records?

The truth is, you can greatly improve your chances of approval by taking a few simple steps (which Epica Immigration Services will help you take). You see, ICA requires only a minimal number of documents from you. But you are not prohibited from submitting additional documents, documents that can showcase your various achievements, your family connections in Singapore, and your commitment to Singapore society.

At Epica Immigration Services we have prepared a list of 21 additional factors that can give you an advantage over other applicants. We will guide you to work through this list and include these highlights in your PR application, along with additional documents, testimonial letters, etc.

We top it all off by crafting a compelling cover letter that succinctly summarizes your attributes for busy immigration officials.

Using Epica Immigration Services helps you put your best foot forward when it comes to receiving PR approval.

ICA PR Application : Epica Immigration Professional Services

We are often asked what exactly we do for clients. How can we add value to your Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) application? Here are some of our key services:

A complete review of your profile – We are PR profile experts, and we will analyse your profile for strengths and weaknesses.

An action plan to strengthen your profile – We will find opportunities to improve your profile with respect to 21 often-neglected factors.

Review of all documents – We will ensure that all your documents are error free.

Additional documents recommendation – We will advise if any other documents need to be provided.

Customised testimonial letters – We write these letters for you, which you can then submit to the necessary people for their signature.

Impressive cover letter – We work to ensure that your application contains an impressive cover letter, one which succinctly highlights the strong points of your profile for busy immigration officials.

Using Epica Immigration Services will greatly improve your chances of obtaining PR status. Contact us today!