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Looking for Apply PR Application?

Apply PR Application. We provide PR and Citizenship Advisory Services to people in Singapore. Maybe our pricing is better. Do check it out!

  • Do you want to give your family a secure future?
  • Do you want to avoid the uncertainty that comes with Employment / S Pass?
  • Do you want more career options to progress?
  • Do you want to buy housing property and settle in Singapore?

Get your process done by expert professionals and increase your approval chances

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Looking for Apply PR Application? We are here for your help.

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Why Engage Us?

  • Hassle-Free – Guidance at All Stages
  • Error Free – Professionally Vetted
  • Impressive Document pack
  • Complete Document Check
  • Detailed Form Check
  • Impressive Cover Letter
  • Improved Score
  • Improved Chances of Approval

Looking for Apply PR Application? What is Covered in our Packages?

Detailed Documents Check

Our experts will review all your documents thoroughly to ensure the documents are acceptable to ICA.

Detailed Form Check

Form 4A for PR (Or details for Citizenship cases) will be thoroughly checked by our consultant

Testimonials Templates

We will provide you with testimonial templates to get testimonials from your friends or colleagues.

Tips for Strengthening Profile

Our immigration experts will identify the steps that can be taken to strengthen your profile.

Personalized Cover Letter

We will write a personalized cover letter showcasing your strengths, and the value you can bring in to Singapore.

Dedicated Immigration Consultant

An immigration consultant will be assigned to take care of your case.

Unlimited Consultations

You can have unlimited consultations with your assigned immigration consultant.

Editable soft copy of all documents for your records

Soft copy of all documents is provided to you for your records.

Post-submission support

We will provide you with any post-submission support required.

A one-time appeal in an event of rejection

In the unfortunate event that your case is rejected, we will prepare an appeal letter for you.

Reapplication Option

In an unfortunate event of rejection of your application, we will refile your application for a nominal cost as shown in the pricing above.

Above charges are our fees

Kindly note, the above charges are fees of Epica Immigration. Government charges are not covered in this.

Looking for Apply PR Application? Schedule a free 30-Mins Consultation – Either in our office or via Zoom

What You Will Get

Profile Assessment & Eligibility

Full Documentation Review & Explanation

Evaluation of Approval Rate

Q&A on PR Process Enquiries

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Looking for Apply PR Application? Our Approach to Improving Your Chances

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  • Detailed Profile Evaluation
  • Identify & Highlight Profile Strengths
  • Complete Document Check – Ensure No Errors
  • Opportunities for Social Contribution Score
  • Highlight Integration in Society
  • Professional Achievements – Important
  • Future Plans – Important
  • Permanent Settlement Intentions – Important
  • Character Standing
  • Impressive Cover Letter – Very Important
  • Complete Form Check

Looking for Apply PR Application? All you need to do is just give us a call OR fill in the form and let our expert reach out to you.

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Looking for Apply PR Application? Our Successful Cases

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Apply PR Application 1
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Apply PR Application

Looking for Apply PR Application? We are ready to Help

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Apply PR Application

Why Engage Epica?

Everything you need to get started at transparent prices.

Comprehensive Packages

One price covers everything required.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing is available on our website. There are no hidden costs.

Expert Team

Our service team has many years of experience. we will guide and assist you throughout your engagement.

Straightforward Approach

We are up-front with our clients. If something in your plan is not likely to work, we will be frank and tell you so.

Quality Service

We take pride in the quality of services we provide. Many customers often shift to full packages once they interact with us for some time.