Cover Letter Writing Service (P1)

For those who need a cover letter for their PR or Citizenship Application

S$ 1000

UP S$1800
Getting Singapore PR or Singapore Citizenship Approval is very difficult in current times.

What are the options then? How to move ahead? What services are available in the market?

Obviously you can’t keep on filing with same approach again and again. You need to work out something to improve your chances.

One of the options that has emerged in recent years is to engage a consultant to work on your case and improve the chances. Below is a general roadmap that most of the consultants follow.

Consultants will typically provide the following services to you in the package they offer. Generally, the package consists of everything at a price of 2500 + SGD. Some will charge as high as 7000 SGD.

We divided it into two parts, but all these services are usually listed under the total package.

Part A
  • provide knowledge on how to make an application stand out
  • Prepare Cover Letter
  • Professional Testimonial Templates
  • Case Building tips
Part B
  • Preliminary profile Analysis
  • Assistance to resolve complex immigration issues
  • Navigation and use of the e-PR system
  • Assistance in applications for Singapore PR for yourself and immediate family members
  • Assist tedious amount of paperwork
  • Difficulty navigating the new e-Service
  • Unsure of where to upload the additional documents
  • Unfamiliarity with the application process

However, not all applicants may need all these services!

In our frank opinion, Part A services are the one where people need real help.

Whereas the part B, represent mock services. Meaning these are the services which consultants and agents add to justify the total price of the package, but these are not the services which are necessarily needed by the majority of the applicants in the market.

For example – Not all cases are of complex immigration issues. For most of the applicants, it’s a straightforward family application. e-PR system is not afterall that difficult to navigate. Paperwork while sometimes can get tedius, but may not be afterall that difficult (Because afterall those are your own documents).

Of course, there is a certain percentage of applicants who are not confident about e-PR and paperwork, for them the full package is justified, but for majority others its not relevant.

We often get customers who are not interested in part B services from above. And obviously, paying a package price of 2500 SGD+ or more may not be many applicants willing to.

What services do we provide in this plan, then?

We set out to work out a relevant plan for most applicants and decided to cut out the mock services.

In this plan, we provide the services you need from a professional agent but leave all other tasks that you can do yourself.

As such, we will provide the following services in this package;

  • Analyze your profile and provide tips for strengthening your score
  • Prepare Cover Letter – Customised and specifically written for you – not a template
  • Provide professional templates for Testimonials
  • Prepare letter explaining specific immigration circumstances – if any and associated advisory (Example you don’t have a specific document, or your company does not provide annex 4A and similar cases)
1000 SGD
If you are serious about your PR or Citizenship Application, then this one time investment is worth considering.

How is this package better for you?


Obviously the first and most important advantage is the cost. While our package is priced at 1000 SGD most of the competitor’s packages (with all other non required services) start at approx. 2500 SGD. So there is a huge price advantage. You are obviously not required to pay for the services not relevant for you.


This plan has significant flexibility. We prepare documents and give it to you. Then when to file, how many testimonials to obtain, and which profile strengthening steps to execute is upto you to decide.



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