Cover Letter Writing Service (P1)

For those who need a cover letter for their PR or Citizenship Application

S$ 1000

UP S$1800
A complete PR or Citizenship application advisory service often cost more than 2500 SGD. However many people often do not want this complete package. They prefer to keep cost down while engaging services of professional only for matters they can not handle well. This package is right for such a case.

About this Package

Purpose of this Package

Attaching a cover letter along with your PR / Citizenship application has become a common practice. Since approvals are difficult to come by, people are taking all possible measures to highlight every strength and positive point of their profile to ICA through a cover letter.

You can learn more about cover letters here.

Cover Letter Writing as a Service

People are often confused as to how to go about writing a cover letter for immigration purposes. It’s a challenging task. You must accentuate your positive attributes in engaging language with a minimum number of words (so as not to overburden busy immigration officials). Also, you need to know which points to highlight and which one not. To write a good cover letter, you need good writing skills coupled with immigration matters experience. In case you are not confident that you can do this, we provide professional services to craft a perfect cover letter for you. Our staff is expert and we employ professional writers for writing task.

What do we need from you?

To write an impressive cover letter for you, we need the following things from you:

  • A completed profile form (which we provide and which supplies the necessary details about your life and work background)
  • In case applying with spouse we will also need similar details about your spouse.

What will we do then?

Once we receive the above information, our expert team will go through all the details and identify the points to emphasize in your cover letter. We will then write an engaging cover letter customized for you.

Two experts are involved in the writing of this letter. An immigration consultant who identifies the key details to emphasize, and a professional writer who crafts a succinct and appealing letter. The usual length of a cover letter is 3-5 pages.

Processing Time

Once we receive all the details from you, we will need 10-12 working days to complete the letter.

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited revisions are allowed. So if after going through the draft, you see some changes that need to be made, you can indicate so and our team will do it for you.


When you are completely satisfied with the cover letter, we will send it to you in PDF/word format with instructions on how to submit it to ICA.

Two Points to note about this Package

The cover letter is written based on information you provide. It is about your career, your professional achievements, your past or potential contributions to Singapore, etc. So it is essential that you give serious time and attention to filling out your profile forms.
This package includes only the cover letter writing service. We do not review any of your other documents, certificates, and so forth for errors or omissions. We are happy to provide those services in our other packages.

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