PR / Citizenship Application Appeal Letter Writing Service (P5)

For those whose PR Application or Citizenship Application has been recently rejected. We will also indicate the chances of success.


UP S$ 400

One Important Point to Note

Having a good Appeal letter is not enough. You need to decide carefully if you want to file an appeal. Once you file an appeal, ICA will take anywhere from 1 Week to 3 months to reply to it. In this period, you can not file a new application. If an appeal is rejected, then there is also no point in reapplying immediately (You will want to wait for some time). What it means is, filing an appeal can delay your plans of reapplying PR or Citizenship. Therefore you should file an appeal only if there is a fair chance of success.

In this service, in addition to providing you an appeal letter customised for you, we will also indicate what are the chances of success the appeal will hold for your case. Then based on this information, you can decide your next steps.

About this Package

Purpose of this Package

A rejection of a Citizenship or a PR application is very common nowadays. After a rejection, ICA allows the applicant to file an appeal. However, many people are clueless as to how to go about this and how to write an appeal letter. Applicants are often also not sure about the chances of the appeal getting successful. At Epica Immigration Services, we provide professional resources to write an appeal letter for you.

What do we need from you?

To write an impressive appeal letter on your behalf, we need the following items from you:

  • Scanned copy of the PR / Citizenship rejection letter from the ICA
  • The form on this page filled-up (form Below)

What will we do then?

Once we receive the above items, our expert team will analyze the provided information and identify key points to emphasize in your appeal to ICA. We will then write a high-quality appeal letter customized for you.

Our immigration consultant will also assess your case and indicate the chances of success for the appeal letter in four bands.

  • Band A : Highly likely to be successful
  • Band B : Moderate chances of appeal being successful
  • Band C : Low chances of success with appeal
  • Band D : Almost nil chances of success with appeal

Processing Time

Once we receive the above items, we will need 2-3 working days to complete the letter.


Following things will be delivered to you in this service ;

  • A customised appeal letter for your PR / Citizenship application rejection
  • Our assessment of how much the appeal is likely to succeed
  • Instructions on how to submit the appeal

As a year 2022 Deal we are offering this service for Free. You can submit your info using the form below and get a professionally drafted Appeal letter in 2-3 days.

Submit Your order for Appeal Letter Writing Service

You will need to attach, rejection letter. This is important as ICA file number needs to be written clearly in the appeal letter.

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