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EI Article Series

Epica Immigration Services Presentation

What We have Provided Here?

While our sales team is getting ready for your in office meeting or Zoom call, we suggest taking a look at our on-demand service presentation. We've recorded the video of our presentations to the client. You can watch it at your convenience from your home using the link provided below. Videos numbered 1, 2, and 3 are relevant to most people, while videos 4, 5 and 6 focus on sponsorship and student offerings.

If you can't find the on-demand presentation for the services you're looking for on this page, please wait for our consultant to arrange a session.

1. PR / Citizenship Filing Services Presentation

This presentation will explain to you our services for permanent residency or citizenship application filing. This is the presentation we use while meeting customers during consultation.

Total Duration : 11 Min

2. Six specific reasons to engage Epica

In this video we explain you six specific reasons how you benefit from our services and why you should consider our services.

Total Duration : 4 Min

3. Three Additional Reasons to Engage Epica for Citizenship Cases

Here in this presentation I explained to you three more reasons why for your citizenship application you should Engage The Services of a professional form. these three reasons specifically apply to citizenship applications only.

Total Duration : 2 Min

4. Singapore PR or Citizenship Application in Sponsor Cases : Our Services

In this presentation we briefly explain you about our services for your Singapore PR or Citizenship application under family sponsorship scheme.

Total Duration : 11 Min

5. Singapore PR or Citizenship Application in Student Scheme : Our Services

In this presentation we briefly explain you about our services for your Singapore PR or Citizenship application under student scheme

Total Duration : 12 Min

6. How do we do filing for the client and data secuirty

In this presentation we briefly explain you about How do we do the filing for you and also the data confidentiality and security considerations.

Total Duration : 5 Min

7. Know in detail how you will work with us

Read the PDF to know more about, typical common questions;

  • What you will need to do and provide?
  • What we will be doing and what we will be providiong?
  • Timeline / schedule
  • Methods of communication
  • How filing is done with ICA
  • Payment terms
  • Appeals and reapplication
  • Refund policy

In case of any problems you can download this file here

Total Reading time : 10 Min

Next Steps


Consultation in the office / Zoom Call

If you're interested in our services, please let us know your preferred next steps. Options include a short phone or Zoom call, an in-person visit to our office for signing up, or an additional call with our sales representative for clarifying questions. Your choice guides the process.

Want to signup straight away? Not a problem.

Some customers are interested in signing up for our services after going through the above presentations. They feel a consultation visit is unnecessary. That is not a problem. We can raise an invoice after payment and start the work right away. Let us know if you are interested in this option.

If you still have doubts or questions, a telephone call / Zoom call can be arranged.

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