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Anything Extra/Hidden Charges

There are no hidden charges for our services. However, please note:

  • PR or Citizenship application fee payable to ICA is not included in the above price. Those will be paid by you extra.
  • Any additional charges to obtain or translate a required document will need to be borne by you.
  • Cost for anything else that might be identified from the action plan for you


Engaging our services, at least, doubles your chances of getting approval for Singapore PR or Singapore Citizenship.

On average, chances for approval improve 3.5 times for applicants who engaged our services. Some applicants even noticed that their approval chances increased by 5-7 times.

What do we need from you in these packages?

To perform all the activities mentioned above, we need the following from you:

  • A completed profile form
  • A completed cover letter form – for cover letter inputs
  • Copies of other letters or testimonials that you plan to submit with your application
  • Copies of all required documents: Passport, IC, Home Country IC, Salary Slips, Birth Certificate, etc

What we will do, once we get this information?

After receiving the information mentioned above, our experts will review all the details and proceed with the following:

  • Identify the opportunities to strengthen your profile after reviewing it thoroughly
  • Provide tips and an action plan to improve your profile score
  • Identify the highlights to emphasize in your cover letter for the ICA’s consideration
  • Review copies of all documents to ensure they are error-free and provide the correct data
  • Draft an appealing and to-the-point cover letter customized for you to present your case in the best possible manner to the busy immigration officials

We will assign two consultants to your case, an immigration consultant and a professional writer. You can rest assured that your application will be complete, error-free, and compelling.

Processing Time

Once you share all the required details, we will need 10-12 working days to do the initial review and create an action plan. Then, composing the cover letters and testimonials will take another 10-12 days. In most cases, it takes 4-5 weeks for the entire process. However, in rare cases, it may take longer than that.

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We take pride in the quality of services we provide. Many customers often shift to full packages once they interact with us for some time.

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Our pricing is available on our website. There are no hidden costs.

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We are up-front with our clients. If something in your plan is not likely to work, we will be frank and tell you so.