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Singapore Immigration – Appeal Letter Services

Is your Singapore PR or Citizenship application rejected?

Do you intend to file an appeal?

If you need any support for filing an appeal for a rejected application, you can contact us.

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Singapore Immigration Appeal Letter Services

Appeal Letter Service

All Cases (PR, Citizenship, LTVP)


Includes 200 SGD credit for any future services:

Need help with a winning PR rejection appeal letter? In our experience customized letters work better with immigration authorities than templates. We'll create a unique letter for you, highlighting your situation, strengths and key points. Our service costs $400 SGD, but you get a $200 credit for any future services from us. So your actual cost is only 200 SGD. Don't miss this opportunity!

What is Covered in this appeal letter package?

Collection of information

On Engagement of our services, we will share with you a questionnaire that will collect information about your application; people included, and your and your spouse's work and education background. It will also include questions on what you think are the strengths of your profile and other positive points.

Drafting of appeal letter

Once the above information is received, our professional writers will write an impressive and convincing appeal letter.


Once the appeal letter is completed, we will give the draft for your approval. If you need any corrections, our writers will be happy to do it for you. We will also provide instructions on how to submit an appeal letter.

Once the letter is acceptable to you, you will be required to sign it and submit it to the ICA as per the instructions given.

Credit of 200 SGD for any Future Services

When you pay $400 Singapore dollars for our service, it includes a $200 Singapore dollar credit that can be applied to any of our future services. For instance, if your appeal is approved and you decide to use our services for a citizenship application in the future, you can deduct this credit from the invoice amount.

Engage Our Services and Improve Your Chances

Deciding whether to appeal a rejected immigration application is a topic of debate for many people. Based on our experience, if you have not already included any additional documents or a cover letter with your application, it might be a good idea to consider filing an appeal and addressing those points as a viable strategy.

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