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What is Covered in Above Packages?

Application Preparation Work

Tips that are proven to work

We have extensive experience in this field and a collection of strategies to enhance your immigration profile. Many of our clients have found success using these strategies. Our immigration experts will recommend specific strategies tailored to your unique situation which will help you to improve your profile. Please note that neither of these strategies involves voluntary service.

Personalized Cover Letter

We will prepare a personalized cover letter for your specific cases. This will highlight your case's strengths and the value you can bring to Singapore. The letter is written convincingly, clearly, and logically to put forward your application.

Additional Documents Preparation

Following our above plan, we will provide guidance on the additional documents you need to acquire for application.

Detailed Documents Check

Our experts will review all your documents thoroughly to ensure the documents are acceptable to ICA.

Detailed Application Form Check

Form 4A for PR (Or details for SC applications) will be thoroughly checked by our consultant.


We will provide you with testimonial templates to get testimonials from your friends or colleagues. If you require customized testimonials, rest assured that they are included in the package.

Other Important Points

Dedicated Immigration Consultant

An immigration consultant will be assigned to take care of your case.

Unlimited Consultations

You can have unlimited consultations with your assigned immigration consultant.

Editable soft copy of all documents for your records

Soft copy of all documents is provided to you for your records.

Post-submission support

We will provide you with any post-submission support required.

A one-time appeal in an event of rejection

In the unfortunate event that the application is rejected, we will prepare an appeal letter for you.

Above charges are our fees

Kindly note, the above charges are fees of Epica Immigration. Government charges are not covered in this.

Reasons to Engage a Consultant for Citizenship Matters

Your Higher Age Group

Your age is increasing, and nowadays, most applicants for citizenship are in the 40+ age group. Due to the longer processing times, you can't afford to apply repeatedly. You can apply for it a maximum of two times at most.

High Competition

Too many people apply, but only a few get approval. ICA releases 20000 places annually, but estimated 80,000+ PR apply each year. As you can see, the rate of approval is low. So you want to put your best case forward.

Long Processing Times (Upto 2 Years)

Authorities take upto two year to decide on citizenship case. We have sometimes seen processing times as long as two years. Again you wouldn’t want to wait too long and receive a rejection. Instead, you would prefer to put in a vetted application.

More documents and Details

For citizenship cases, ICA needs more details and documents. The standards of acceptable documents are also strict. So it would be best if you were quite careful here.

Complex Lodgement Process

The lodgement process is quite long and complex. Some details need to be entered multiple times, which creates doubts for applicants. In the absence of an advisor, you are left to yourself to find answers.

Schedule a free 30-Mins Consultation – Either in our office or via Zoom

What You Will Get

Profile Assessment & Eligibility

Full Documentation Review & Explanation

Evaluation of Approval Rate

Q&A on Citizenship Process Enquiries

Schedule a free 30-Mins Consultation – Either in our office or via Zoom

Some Recent Successful Cases

kumar From India

An Indian family, is in Singapore on PR for last nine years. Two times their Citizenship was rejected, after the wait of more than a year in each occasion. Finally they got citizenship with the help of Epica.

Lisa - Philippines

Lisa found citizenship application process overwhelming. So she decided to engage Epica. With our good work she got the approval in eleven months.


Hossain applied for citizenship two times in past. On both the occasions his citizenship application got rejected. Finally he decided to apply through Epica Immigration. His application is recently approved.

Engage Our Services and Improve Your Chances

On an average, chances improve by 3.5 times for a customer who engages our services. Some customers see a significant improvement in chances by 5X-6X times.


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