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PR Renewal - REP Renewal Service

Is your REP rejected? Do you think that your REP may be rejected by ICA?

Every PR holder is required to renew his entry permit every 5 years. ICA relies on applicants’ history for the renewal. If the applicant has been out of country, is not gainfully employed in Singapore then there is a chance that your REP may not be renewed.

If you fall in this category then you need to prepare well. Preparing a letter explaining your circumstances and your future plans and submitting it to ICA helps.

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Important to Note

You can reapply for REP renewal even if your previous application is rejected. Additionally, if your REP has already expired, you have the opportunity to apply for reinstatement within one month from the date of expiry. It's important to note that once the Immigration amendment bill 2023 is passed, this reinstatement period will be extended to six months.

REP Rejection - Circumstances Letter Service

REP Renewal Circumstances Letter


What is Covered in this package?

Collection of information

On Engagement of our services, we will collect information about your situation; people included, your and your and your spouse's work and education background, possible reasons for rejection.

Drafting of circumstances letter

Once the above information is received, our professional writers will write an impressive and convincing appeal / circumstances letter.


Once the letter is completed, we will give the draft for your approval. If you need any corrections, our writers will be happy to do it for you. We will also provide instructions on how to submit it for REP Renewal.

Once the letter is acceptable to you, you will be required to sign it and submit it to the ICA as per the instructions given.

Until now, we have successfully secured REP Renewal for over 95% of the cases we have handled.


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