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What is Covered in Above Packages?

Application Preparation Work

Tips that are proven to work

We have extensive experience in this field and a collection of strategies to enhance your immigration profile. Many of our clients have found success using these strategies. Our immigration experts will recommend specific strategies tailored to your unique situation which will help you to improve your profile. Please note that neither of these strategies involves voluntary service.

Personalized Cover Letter

We will prepare a personalized cover letter for your specific cases. This will highlight your case's strengths and the value you can bring to Singapore. The letter is written convincingly, clearly, and logically to put forward your application.

Additional Documents Preparation

Following our above plan, we will provide guidance on the additional documents you need to acquire for application.

Detailed Documents Check

Our experts will review all your documents thoroughly to ensure the documents are acceptable to ICA.

Detailed Application Form Check

Form 4A for PR (Or details for SC applications) will be thoroughly checked by our consultant.


We will provide you with testimonial templates to get testimonials from your friends or colleagues. If you require customized testimonials, rest assured that they are included in the package.

Other Important Points

Dedicated Immigration Consultant

An immigration consultant will be assigned to take care of your case.

Unlimited Consultations

You can have unlimited consultations with your assigned immigration consultant.

Editable soft copy of all documents for your records

Soft copy of all documents is provided to you for your records.

Post-submission support

We will provide you with any post-submission support required.

A one-time appeal in an event of rejection

In the unfortunate event that the application is rejected, we will prepare an appeal letter for you.

Above charges are our fees

Kindly note, the above charges are fees of Epica Immigration. Government charges are not covered in this.

Three Key Benefits Of Our Services

Peace Of Mind

You don’t need to worry about anything. Our expert team will guide you on all aspects.

Reasonable Prices

The prices we charge for our services are reasonable. Our pricing is available on our site.

Improved Chances

Our client experienced a significant improvement in their profile. Resulting in better chances.

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Top Reasons to Engage Epica Immigration

Timeline and Steps Involved In Managing Immigration Case

Working with us is easy. Once you confirm you are engaging our services, Our team will start the work and help you at every possible step.

Broadly the steps involved are as follows:

  • 1

    Submit all required document copies

    We will share a cloud folder with you where you will be required to upload scanned copies of all the required documents. This folder is secured and accessible only to you.

  • 2

    Submit Form details and Cover Letter Input

    You will be required to fill up form 4A for the PR-PTS application. In other cases, we collect these details in an excel sheet. Once completed you can upload these details to the above folder.

  • 3

    Action on tips for strengthening the profile

    The immigration consultant handling your case will identify the steps that can be taken to improve your profile strength. You can decide which steps to take.

  • 4

    Collect testimonials & Company Documents

    Collect testimonials from colleagues, and friends, and also collect other required documents from your Employer Company. Do not worry we provide all these templates.

  • 5

    Complete Cover Letter

    Based on the input you have given our writer will complete the cover letter and send it to you for approval.

  • 6

    Our team is continuously working on your case

    During all this time,s our team is continuously working on your case. We are checking, whether all documents are submitted, whether documents are meeting ICA standards or not, whether form details are ok, and so on.

  • 7


    This is a final step.

Process Timeline

Document & Form Details Submission

1-2 Weeks Depending on your convenience

Cover Letter Preperation, Review of Everything

1-2 Weeks Depending on your convenience


1 Day to 1 Week. Depends on your availability

Immigrate to Singapore

Required Documents for Singapore PR/ SC Application

Following is the list of documents required for PR-PRS Scheme. For other cases the list is almost similar.

Provide following documents for the main applicant

  1. Scanned Copy of the Passport
  2. Scanned Copy of Home Country ID
  3. Scanned Copy of Singapore FIN
  4. Birth Certificate Copy
  5. Educational Certificates + Transcripts
  6. Marriage Certificate Copy (If Married)
  7. Confirmation of Employment from the Company
  8. 6 Month Salary Slips
  9. Annex A
  10. Photograph

Documents required for accompanying spouse:

  1. Scanned Copy of the Passport
  2. Scanned Copy of Home Country ID
  3. Scanned Copy of Singapore FIN
  4. Birth Certificate Copy
  5. Educational Certificates + Transcripts
  6. Marriage Certificate Copy
  7. Photograph

Documents required for accompanying Child:

  1. Scanned Copy of the Passport
  2. Scanned Copy of Home Country ID
  3. Scanned Copy of Singapore FIN
  4. Birth Certificate Copy
  5. Photograph

Frequently Asked Questions about Epica Immigration Services

Answers to some common questions
Why should I use a consultant when I can do it myself?

The Approval rates for both PR as well as Citizenship are quite low. Rejection of PR has a big impact on your life. Many things you are entitled to as a PR or Citizen, you don't get those while on Employment/ S Pass.

As a result, you can not take your application lightly. A simple mistake can aggravate the chances of rejection significantly. So it is recommended that you use a consultant for your PR / Citizenship application.

What specific value can you bring to my application as a whole?

As professional agents, we can help you in many ways. To start with, we will ensure all your documents meet ICA standards. Our team will go through your documents and ensure all meet ICA standards. If any document has issues, then we will inform you what remedial action is needed.

We will go through your form and check if all relevant details are entered properly or not. We can review the additional documents you plan to submit and advise on which are preferred for submission and which are not.

We can also advise on what other steps you can take to improve your profile's strength. Additionally, our team will draft an impressive cover letter to be submitted along with your application.

When should I use a professional consultant?

We recommend using a professional consultant in your first submission itself. Considering the low approvals, we believe that every person should use a consultant for his / her Case.

Do you give any money-back guarantee? Can I pay after my PR is approved?

We charge a reasonable fee for the services we perform. The application outcome is decided by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA). What we assure is high-quality work on your case. So our fees are not linked to the application outcome.

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