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A Report on Tactics Professional Consultants Use to Boost Your Chance at PR and Citizenship Approval in Singapore

Find out how others are doing it

Approval for Singapore PR is quite difficult to get nowadays, and as a result many people make a special effort to improve their application and increase their chances. The problem is, they are often clueless about how others are doing it successfully, and the practices of consulting firms within the industry.

To help, we’ve created a report where you can get all this information in a single place – Get it now to learn more!

A Report on Tactics Professional Consultants Use to Boost Your Chance at PR and Citizenship Approval in Singapore

What is covered in this 40 Page Report?


This is a 40-page report giving you a complete overview of what goes on in this market. In addition to many topics covered, the topics of interest for you in this report are ;

  • Why PR & Citizenship Applications are Rejected
  • How PR Applications are Filed with ICA – What is the Process? What Has Changed?
  • Why People Need Help with PR – Isn’t it Easy?
  • Overview of the External Consulting Industry
  • Strategies Consulting Firms use to Boost your Chances
  • Typical Cost of Professional Services
  • Can you do it yourself, What professional consultants offer?
  • Recommendations

This report will give you insight into the tactics of Professional firms and what other applicants are doing.

If you are serious about your PR or citizenship in Singapore then going through this report is must.

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Appeared in Yahoo News
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