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EI Article Series

Why Epica Immigration Prices are so Low?

You too have this question?

This is one of the key questions we are often asked. People tend to naturally conclude that since pricing is low, there should be some hidden costs (gimmick) or the services should be limited or a sham.

Let us assure you neither of these is the case.

Why Epica Immigration prices are so low?

Two Key Factors Helping Us to Offer Low Prices!

Point 1: Our Case Management Platform

Epica has designed and implemented our own custom platform for managing immigration cases. This powerful platform serves as the backbone of our client cases management, enabling us to deliver outstanding services to our clients. The platform is equipped with an array of advanced features that streamline case management and enhance our ability to provide exceptional service. Some of the features of this platform are;

  • Immigration case lifecycle management
  • Integration into the ticketing system
  • Integration to cloud storage system
  • Direct WhatsApp integration for client support
  • Automatic summary and case updates to the client

As a result, our work and your experience with us are quite streamlined. This brings in 3X productivity in our team.

How our competitors work

Our competitors are still using outdated and inefficient tools for managing immigration cases. Many continue to rely on email-based solutions or customer relationship management (CRM) ticket-based systems. While these approaches may have been effective in the past, they have become obsolete and unable to meet the demands of modern immigration processes.

Email-based systems can be problematic due to their lack of organization and security. Emails can easily get lost or overlooked, resulting in delays and missed deadlines. Furthermore, emails may not provide adequate security and privacy measures, which can leave client information vulnerable to breaches and cyberattacks.

CRM ticket-based systems, on the other hand, are often not designed to handle the complexities of immigration cases. These systems may lack flexibility and customization, leading to a slower and less effective case management process.

Epica Immigration case management platform

Point 2: Specialised Remote Back office Setup

Epica operates a remote backoffice that specializes in providing immigration services, and the setup is exclusively owned and managed by Epica. The backoffice is also engaged in delivering immigration services to some of the major law firms operating in the immigration sector in Australia and Canada.

We hire qualified and semi-qualified legal professionals to work on clients' cases within the backoffice. As a result of this setup, we enjoy several advantages, including lower employee salary costs, given that the salaries of Singapore's legal personnel are often high. Additionally, we are able to attract better quality employees, as most of them are at least semi-qualified legal executives. We also have the capacity to scale up our workforce when demand increases, which is challenging to accomplish in Singapore due to the limited talent pool.

We pass on a significant portion of these cost savings to our clients.

How our Competitors work

It is not uncommon for many of our competitors to operate as one-person shops where a single individual handles all aspects of the business. This can include attending to sales inquiries, working on immigration cases, and even drafting cover letters. However, this approach often results in limitations in terms of capacity and quality.

When a single individual is responsible for all aspects of the business, there is a limit to how much work they can undertake. This can lead to delays in responding to clients' inquiries, extended turnaround times for cases, and an overall slower pace of work. In addition, because one person is responsible for all tasks, the quality of work can sometimes suffer. They may not have the necessary expertise in all areas of the business, leading to mistakes or omissions that can harm the client's case.

Epica Immigration Works as a Specialist Team

By contrast, Epica's remote backoffice setup provides a team-based approach to handling client cases. We have qualified and semi-qualified legal professionals who specialize in specific aspects of the immigration process. This allows us to provide a more streamlined and efficient service to our clients. Each member of our team has their area of expertise, and they work collaboratively to ensure that all aspects of the case are handled expertly and efficiently. This approach provides greater capacity to handle a high volume of cases while maintaining a consistently high level of quality.

Epica immigration Backoffice provider

What Does Above Means to You?

What You Will Get

  • We employ specialised staff

  • We use the technology

  • We deliver better services

  • WE can deliver faster

Schedule a free 30-Mins Consultation – Either in our office or via Zoom

But Two Points to Note

What about Data Confidentiality?

What we do for data protection?

Data protection is important in this business because you are sharing scanned copies of your identity documents, birth certificates, educational certificates, and so on. We take client data confidentiality very seriously. We have integrated ISO 27001 practices into our data management.

At Epica, we do not accept any documents by email on WhatsApp. A secured folder is shared with you, and you must upload scanned copies of the document. This ensures that copies of your documents do not remain in unwanted email accounts for long.

Some of the speicfic measures we follow are ;

  • Only employees assigned to your case can view your documents
  • Employees can access the system & documents only from the office IP address (Whitelisted IP)
  • Once the assignment is completed, your folder is moved to a secured area where it is not accessible to anyone.
  • On the request of the client, the data can be permanently deleted
Epica Immigration data Confidentiality

Our Competitors

Many of our competitors are still working in an email- or CRM ticket-based environment. They accept the documents in a zipped format through email. These files remain in their email account for months or years, even after your case is over. They are accessible to their employees (and future employees) for viewing or downloading. Many email ids tend to be shared ids like info@, support@, and so on, with access to many employees.

Important transactions are handled only by Singapore staff

Backoffice is used only for time-consuming and mundane tasks like follow-up, writing letters, statements, checking documents, or case preparation.

A qualified Singapore staff always performs important and sensitive transactions like submission to ICA. The filing process is carried out in your presense in our office or on zoom video call, and you are welcome to watch it while being lodged.

Epica Immigration Singapore staff

How Does It Benefits You?

Epica Offers reasonable pricing

Best Pricing

You will agree that our pricing is quite reasonable. Our objective has been to bring quality immigration consulting services to Singapore at affordable prices.

The PR packages average around 1200 to 1400 SGD, whereas citizenship packages are around 1400 to 1600 SGD.

Epica work is always of high quality

High-quality work

The promoters have been working in this field for the last ten years. So we have considerable knowledge of this sector. When you work with us, we provide tips and advice that are known to work. Many customers have obtained their PR or Citizenship successfully using our services. To date, we have helped many people in various immigration cases.

We always advise you best in yuor interest

Balanced approach

We have seen many of our competitors charge a high fee of over 2500 SGD. And then, to justify that fee, they put forward irrational ideas about client cases and how to improve the score.

We provide services at a reasonable price point. We don’t have this pressure of justifying our services. So we are always straightforward and honest about your case. What we advise will be in your best interest for you.

Epica immigration provides faster execution of cases

Faster execution time

Execution time for a typical PR case in our services is three to four weeks unless there are some problems in your case (E.g., documentation issues) that need more time. We have often finished client cases in as low as ten days. We never delay.

in comparison, our competitors often take more than three months. We also know cases where the agent company promised first three months to the client but later on dragged for over eight months.

Its very easy to interact with Epica Team

Ease of interaction

Interacting with our team is super easy. Our team is connected to you on whatsapp. You can submit all the required documents from your home via a secured folder. You remain updated about your case with everyday summary report.

Epica Offers subsequent filing at even lower cost.

Subsequent filing at a lower cost

In the unfortunate event of rejection of your application, we offer subsequent re-filing services at a price ranging between 400 SGD to 700 SGD depending on your case.

If any of our competitors offers unlimited filing until you get approval, beware! We found all of these firms (offering unlimited filing) closed down their operations within the first year. So the unlimited filing option did not make any sense.


Epica immigration is a proper corporate group backed by sound and capable founders. We have a back office setup in India and a representative office in Australia. In addition to providing services for Singapore PR and citizenship, we also provide back office services for some of the migration agencies in Australia and Canada. We employ specialized people for specialized work.

Epica is a sound group working in the immigration sector in Singapore. We have the right experts, systems, and processes to deliver your work better. We are bringing a technology-driven disruption in the immigration sector by providing better services at a better price.

Visit the rest of our website for more information on other types of PR applications. We have information on all types of PR and citizenship applications, including information for international students. If you plan to use an agent for applying PR for spouse, please get in touch with our office for the next steps.