Singapore PR application
Singapore PR Application

Strengthening your profile, writing a cover letter for submission, completing and filing your Singapore PR application with ICA. If you are worried about low PR Approvals by ICA and want to improve your chances then this service is for you.

Singapore citizenship application
Singapore Citizenship Application

There are half a million PRs in Singapore but every year only 20,000 new citizens are accepted by ICA. Obviously, the approval rates are low here also. We provide services to review your application, tips for strengthening your profile, and submit your Singapore Citizenship application to ICA.

Singapore Complex Immigration cases
Complex Immigration Cases

If your situation is complex for immigration, then we might be able to help you. This applies either to Singapore PR Application or Singapore Citizenship Application. Complex cases can be the previous divorce, children from previous marriages, previous criminal records, and many more.

Singapore Employment Pass
Singapore Employment Pass

If you need advisory, business setup with employment pass, then we can help you here. Every year many businesses are registered in Singapore, with the founder relocating on an employment pass.

Singapore Personalised Employment Pass
Personalized Employment Pass

Do you want to get PEP? We help people to apply for PEP whether they are in Singapore or overseas. You need to satisfy the specific criteria. We can execute all application steps for you.

Singapore Entrepass
Singapore EntrePass

Intending to apply EntrePass, then this service is for you. If you are running a modern tech startup, then this option can be for you. Additional qualifying criteria are there.

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