Idea of using a professional agency to advise on your PR or Citizenship is still not so prevalent. Check below points why it might be worth to use a professional agent than doing it yourself.

Once Upon a Time, getting PR approval was easy

More than ten years back, getting your PR was relatively easy. You could go to the ICA building on someday. Take your papers along. Wait for your ticket number to be called. Present all copies and show all certificates. After filing, you will get results in 3 months.

Rejection of PR was unheard off, especially if you have stayed for 2 years or more in Singapore.

Times have changed Today

Singapore ICA, approves only 30,000 PR and 20,000 Citizenship places every year. Compare this with 672,000 People on various Employment Passes, S Passes and Dependent Passes who are eligible to apply PR, and 500,000 PRs eligible to apply for Citizenship.

Significant competition for obtaining PR / Citizenship

It should be clear to you that there is significant competition in the market to obtain PR or Citizenship status. 30,000 PR where 672,000 people who are eligible to apply, represent a success rate of only 4%. (Of course, we are not claiming that every person applies for PR every year). But we know sizable numbers do apply. Moreover, you might face even stiffer competition if you are in a specific industry, age group, or even ethnicity.

You need to plan and strengthen your profile

With such a competition, you need to make efforts to make your profile stand out of competition. You need to take extra efforts to score on all possible factors those are considered by ICA. You need to highlight your profile in an appropriate manner using a cover letter.

Cost of not getting PR is also high

You tend to lose a lot if you don’t get PR in time. If you lose your job you may be sent back to your home country if you don’t get another job in time. You incur a high cost on your kids’ education. In most of cases, you will not buy your own house and will continue staying in rental property. It is estimated that by not getting your PR in a reasonable time you may be spending as high as extra 100,000 SGD per year.

Do not let this happen to you!

Do not take risks with your PR or Citizenship. Engage a professional consultancy firm to advise you about. We keep ourselves up to date with prevailing immigration policies. We have experience of advising on immigration cases for many customers. We can prepare an action plan for you to boost your profile and score . By using our services, your chances of getting PR approval are enhanced considerably.

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