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We are an independent agency for PR application offering Singapore PR and Citizenship advisory services.

PR application agency in Singapore: Increase your approval chances

Are you worried you will get rejected? Have you seen PR / Citizenship of many of your friends and acquaintances getting rejected?
Are You Planning To Apply For Singapore Pr Or Citizenship?

Once Upon A Time, Getting PR / Citizenship Was Easy. Today Its Not!

More than ten years back, getting your PR / Citizenship was relatively easy. You could go to the ICA building on someday. Take your papers along. Wait for your ticket number to be called. Present all copies and show all certificates. After filing, you will get results in 3 months.

Rejection were unheard off, especially if you have stayed for sufficiently long period in Singapore.

Times Have Changed Today

Times Have Changed Today

Singapore ICA, approves only 30,000 PR and 20,000 Citizenship places every year. Compare this with 672,000 People on various Employment Passes, S Passes and Dependent Passes who are eligible to apply PR, and 500,000 PRs eligible to apply for Citizenship. You will realize that the competition is stiff.

Important To Note

Approval rates are low for both PR and Citizenship

Once started, the process takes 6 months to 1.5 years, which is a long time

If, after this wait, your PR or Citizenship is rejected, then that is a significant setback to you

Once rejected, you need to wait for six months before applying again

Take the advisory from a professional immigration consultant for improving your PR or Citizenship approval chances. People like you are engaging consultants and moving ahead in their life. You, too, can do so.

Services We Provide

Singapore PR Application Services

Advisory and consultation on;
  • PR Profile Evaluation
  • Singapore PR Application Requirements
  • Singapore PR Documents Required
  • PR Document Check
  • PR application Form Check
  • PR Cover Letter Writing
  • Strengthening Your Profile
  • PR Eligibility
  • PR Appeal Letter

Singapore Citizenship Application Services

Advisory and consultation on;
  • Citizenship Profile Evaluation
  • Citizenship Application Requirements
  • Citizenship Documents Required
  • Citizenship documents Check
  • Citizenship application Form Check
  • Citizenship Cover Letter Writing
  • Citizenship Eligibility
  • Strengthening Your Profile
  • Citizenship Appeal Letter

Singapore Global Investor Program (GIP)

We assist on matters relating to Global investor program. Its requirements, documentation, liaising with EDB.

Singapore Employment Pass

If you need advisory on business setup with employment pass, then we can help you here. Epica immigration is a licensed employment agency by the ministry of manpower Singapore.

Personalized Employment Pass

Do you want to get PEP? We can help you here, whether you are in Singapore or overseas. You need to satisfy the specific criteria. We can assist in all application steps for you.

How Do You Benefit By Using Our Services

When you engage our services, we guarantee that your chances of getting approval double at the minimum.

On an average, chances improve by 3.5 times for a customer who engages our services. Some customers see a significant improvement in chances by 5X-6X times.

Many customers have used our services to improve their case and successfully got the approval.

How can you engage our services?

Free Singapore PR profile Evaluation

Free profile Evaluation

Are you are planning to apply for PR or Citizenship? Why not spend few minutes and get your profile evaluated by our immigration consultant? Provide basic information, and our experts will go through your profile and tell you – two strengths of your profile, two weaknesses of your profile, and some actionable tips that you can follow to improve the strength of your profile.

To avail of this service, access “Check Profile” from the menu and fill-up the form. We will usually respond with profile evaluation within a day.

Paid Plans for Singapore PR Consultancy

Paid Plans

We provide various paid services for your consultation. These include ;

PR Advisory – Complete package

Citizenship Advisory – Complete package

Cover Letter Writing Services

Document Review Services

To explore these services check “Pricing” Section in the menu.

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Our professionals have solid expertise and multiple closed cases to be of great help to you. We offer various service packages, and our prices are cost-effective and fixed, Contact us today.

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  • public Utility Board
  • Singapore Power
  • NCS Group
  • Dell Corporation
  • Wan Chung Construction
  • AXA insurance

Relevant Government Agencies

  • Immigration and Checkpoint Authority
  • Ministry of manpower Singapore
  • Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore
  • Economic Development Board Singapore
  • Ministry of foreign affairs Singapore
  • Ministry of Education Singapore