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Trusted consultants for Singapore Employment Pass Dependent Pass applications

We can handle the entire process for filing employment passes and dependent passes, ensuring that you comply with all the latest Compass requirements and salary levels. Additionally, we can assist you with the necessary educational verifications as required by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The introduction of COMPASS, FCF job advertisement requirements, educational qualification verification, salary commensurate with the role, and other related requirements have added complexity to the process of obtaining employment passes. Our experienced staff can efficiently guide companies through this intricate landscape, ensuring a swift and successful application process.


Employment Pass Application

  • Our Fees 1000 SGD
  • Application Fee to MOM 105 SGD
  • On approval issue fee 225 SGD
  • Multiple Entry Visa fee on issue 30 SGD
  • Total need to plan 1360 SGD

Dependant Pass Application

  • Our Fees 500 SGD
  • Application Fee to MOM 105 SGD
  • On approval issue fee 225 SGD
  • Multiple Entry Visa fee on issue 30 SGD
  • Total need to plan 860 SGD

Employment Pass Renewal

  • Our Fees 500 SGD
  • Application Fee to MOM 105 SGD
  • On approval issue fee 225 SGD
  • Multiple Entry Visa fee on issue 30 SGD
  • Total need to plan 860 SGD

Dependant Pass Renewal

  • Our Fees 500 SGD
  • Application Fee to MOM 105 SGD
  • On approval issue fee 225 SGD
  • Multiple Entry Visa fee on issue 30 SGD
  • Total need to plan 860 SGD

Additional Services

  • Verification of Educational qualification Cost depends on case. 150 to 300 SGD per qualification
  • Job advertisement in mycareerfutures Cost depends on case

Our services are designed for corporate clients who plan to hire individuals on an employment pass. We do not offer assistance to individuals seeking job opportunities in Singapore for relocation purposes. If you belong to the latter category, please get in touch with recruitment agents.

Important Points You Need to Know

Important Points You Need to Know

Applicability Of Compass

Starting from September 1, 2023, the Compass requirements are in effect. Consequently, employment pass applications will be evaluated based on point-based criteria. It is crucial to ensure that if you intend to apply for an employment pass for any of your employees, you have met these requirements.

Salary Level

You can no longer hire a person at a salary of your choice arbitrarily. Salaries will now be assessed based on a sliding scale, and if the salary is significantly lower than the recommended range, your application may not be considered. You can refer to the provided reference salary ranges for guidance in determining appropriate salary levels.

Job Advertisement Requirements

Under the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF), there's a requirement that you must post the job opening on MyCareer Futures for a minimum period of 14 days. During this time, you should review potential candidates. If you don't find a suitable candidate during this period, you can proceed to file the application for an employment pass, but you must provide the reference number of the job application as part of the employment pass application process.

However, there are exemptions from the job advertisement requirements:

  • If your company has fewer than 10 employees on its payroll.
  • If the job being recruited for offers a salary of more than 22,500 Singapore dollars per month.

Verification Of Educational Qualification

Starting from September 1, 2023, it is mandatory to conduct educational verification for candidates. There are two possible scenarios for verification:

  1. If the awarding institution is already listed in the Ministry of Manpower's records, you only need to authenticate the educational qualification of the specific candidate.
  2. If the awarding institution is not on the Ministry of Manpower's list, you must not only authenticate the educational qualification but also verify the accreditation status of the institution.

Please be aware that this process involves both costs and time considerations. The typical charges by an external agency for verifying educational qualifications amount to approximately $150 to $200 in Singapore dollars. If a candidate claims multiple qualifications, this cost will go up since you'll need to carry out this verification for each qualification separately. Additionally, for verifying the accreditation status, there is an additional charge of $150 in Singapore dollars per qualification.

Processing Time

The processing time for your employment pass application depends on three main factors:

  • The processing time for the employment pass application itself typically takes around 2 to 3 weeks, but it can vary depending on the season. It might take more or less time in certain circumstances.
  • If you need to verify the educational qualifications of the candidate, this additional step usually takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks. However, if the candidate is from an uncommon or obscure country, the verification process may require more time.
  • If you plan to advertise the job posting on MyCareer Futures, you should allocate an additional 14 to 18 days for this step. This time is necessary because the advertisement must be visible for at least 14 days.

Considering these factors, it's essential to factor in all these time estimates and also allow some time between each event to work out a reasonable and expected timeline for the entire process.

Salary levels

Ep Qualifying Salary

Age of Candidate

Non Financial Services Sector

Financial Services Sector

23 5000 5500
25 5500 6050
27 6000 6600
29 6500 7150
31 7000 7700
33 7500 8250
35 8000 8800
37 8500 9350
39 9000 9900
41 9500 10450
43 10000 11000
45 10500 11550

Important to note

Increased Document Scrutiny:

We've noticed that the Ministry of Manpower is now conducting more thorough checks on the correctness of documents. Previously accepted documents are occasionally leading to employment pass rejections due to inadequate documentation. It's essential to understand that just because a previous employment pass was approved doesn't guarantee immediate approval for a new one. Any outstanding issues must be resolved before approval.

Shortage Occupation List (SOL):

When applying for an employment pass, it's crucial to select the correct occupation for your candidate. Companies sometimes make mistakes in this regard, resulting in negative outcomes. It's important to be aware of the skills currently in demand or the shortage occupations to enhance the chances of a successful employment pass approval process.

What Is Included In Above Packages?

Comprehensive Review

We begin by conducting a thorough review of your case to determine the necessary steps and provide guidance to ensure your compliance with Compass FCF, educational verification, and salary requirements.

Document Verification

Our team meticulously examines your documents to prevent the submission of incorrect or error-filled paperwork. If certain documents are unavailable, we'll leverage our experience to suggest alternative options, such as a safe declaration or statutory declaration.

Form Verification

When applying for employment passes or dependent passes, you'll need to complete forms. Our team carefully checks these forms to ensure all details are accurate and there are no conflicting or confusing information. The information on these forms is crucial for the Ministry of Manpower's submission process.

Client Authorization

The Ministry of Manpower mandates that we obtain authorization from the employing company for each assignment. Your company's authorized representative will need to provide this authorization, typically done electronically. This process may also involve identity verification to confirm the person authorizing us is indeed affiliated with your company.

Application Submission to MOM

Once all documents and information are ready, our team will submit them, along with the application form, to the Ministry of Manpower using our authorized ePOL account. We don't require access to your EPOL, we're an authorized employment pass agency entrusted to file these applications on your behalf.

Appeal Support

In the unfortunate event of application rejection, we'll make efforts to appeal the case and strive to secure an approval for you.

Dedicated Consultant

A dedicated consultant will be assigned to your case, and you can reach out to them via phone or WhatsApp at any time for assistance and updates.

Steps of working through us

Step 1: Invoicing and Payment Collection

Once you confirm your engagement with us, we will send you an invoice and require payment in advance for all assignments. We follow this practice, and we can begin working on your case only after we receive the payment.

Step 2: Identity Verification

Before we start any work, we need to verify the identity of the person instructing us to file the application. This is essential, in line with Ministry of Manpower regulations or guidelines. In some cases, individuals not related to the company have given instructions for processing employment passes. Typically, we use biometric identity verification, which involves using your identity card and a selfie. We will send you a link for this verification. If you're uncomfortable with this method, you can come to our office for in-person identity verification.

Step 3: Case Evaluation and Document Collection

Once we have the initial information, our team will evaluate your case. We'll identify any necessary actions, such as adhering to the FCF framework or making adjustments to salary records. Additionally, we'll collect and verify all the required documents, including forms, to ensure accuracy.

Step 4: Filing of Application

When all details are ready, we will file your application in the Ministry of Manpower system. The timeline for this depends on your specific case. If all documents are in order and no additional steps are required, we can file the application as early as the second or third day. However, if certain activities are pending, like verifying educational qualifications, we will need to wait.

Step 5: In-Principle Approval and Issuance

Upon approval by the Ministry of Manpower, they will issue an in-principle approval letter for the employee. To obtain the pass, the employee must sign this letter. If the employee has previously worked in Singapore and held an employment pass, this is a formality, and the pass can be collected from our office or the employer's office, depending on preference. In this case, there is no need to visit the employment pass service center for thumbprinting and photo submission because the ministry already has the necessary details.

However, if this is the employee's first job in Singapore and there is no previous record with the Ministry of Manpower, a visit to the employment pass service center is required for thumbprinting and photo submission.

Step 6: Card Collection

In the final step, the employment pass card is delivered either to our office or the employer's address, based on preference. The card is then handed over to the employee, concluding the process.

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