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Best Service Firm

I used the services of Epica Immigration for my PR application. Previously I have filed the PR two times and both times it got rejected. So this time I decided to take the services of a professional agent.

First thing I liked is Epica prices were reasonable. Some other agents quoted me significantly more. The 2nd best part was, Epica promised me to finish all work within 4-5 weeks which was faster than many other agents.

The good news is that after waiting for a long time of 9 months, my application got approved.

Daniel Daniel Daniel is working as a cyber security expert in a Singapore based company. He was on S pass prior to getting his PR.

Quality Services

Epica Immigration is way beyond amazing. Excellent customer experience and great knowledge of immigration issues that is happening in Singapore. Enquiries are promptly replied. No issue with the specialist at all throughout. The team made my whole experience pleasant. highly recommended.

They have their internal IT system which sends me update of work done every Saturday. This way there is no confusion as to what the status of my application is.

Mashuk Muhammad Mashuk Muhammad Mashuk Muhammad, is from Bangaldesh. Working in Singapore in Marine Industry.

Citizenship Application - Great Service

I had been through a few agencies, and they quoted me a very high price, as they think my chances are low and the processing journey will take some time due to the lacking of a lot of documents. I need time and lots of advices for my application. I know mine was not an easy deal. I happened to find Epica Immigration thru google ad while I was browsing on my phone.  They went through my case & assisted me in my Singapore citizenship application. Journey was not easy but I got my approval in 9 months. I had no words to describe my happiness. It had been a tough journey but Epica Immigration hold my hands & walk this through. They are professional, prompt, customer-oriented. This is my best decision ever.  Good job, Epica Immigration.

Rajesh Bhargav Rajesh Bhargav Rajesh is from India. He is staying in Singapore for last 10 years. He works with an IT company in Singapore.

Good Company

I saw many of my friends got their PR rejected therefore I decided to take help of a professional company. My friend referred me to Epica Immigration Pte Ltd so I decided to approach them for their professionals advise for my Singapore PR application. I was completely sold, am so impressed with how they managed to convince me and explain to me clearly on why I shouldn’t do it myself. The process lasted for about 4 -5 weeks .

Guess what, I got my Singapore PR approved!

Gopi Chand Gopi Chand Gopi Chand is originally from India. He is working with Modec in Singapore.

Top notch service

One of my colleagues who engaged Epica for her PR application recommended me. I can say their service is top-notch. They have a great team. Due to my busy schedule, I kept delaying in providing them the necessary documents. However, the whole team coordinated well and throughout the process, they are very patient with me. They even handled my enquires even after the working hours and I really appreciated it. I will definitely recommend anyone who needs professional help in applying for their Permanent Resident or Singapore Citizen to engage them.

Mun Mun Win Mun Mun Win mun Mun Win, is from Myanmar, working in Singapore in accounting department of a large company.

Successful Citizenship Application

Thanks to Epica Immigration, who helped me with preparing all the documents for my family Citizenship Application. They make it hassle-free and worry-free application for me. So I can fully focus on my job and don’t need to stress about my application. Epica Team ensures that all my details are filled up correctly upon submission. We took their premium plan for Citizenship application. They helped to write very good cover letter also which summarised all achievements of my husband who is main application.

I am highly satisfied with their professionalism and the fees charged are very affordable as compared to other firms that I have enquired

And the good news is that, after a wait (which was a bit long) our citizenship application got approved.

Pooja Gupta Pooja Gupta Pooja and her family is from India. They have been in Singapore for long time. They were Singapore PR previously for about 6 years. Pooja works in a local company as Accountant and her husband works with Standard Chartered Bank.

Person with minor Criminal Record

This testimonial I am giving at the request of Epica Immigration. This is for my citizenship application. I had a minor offence record on my name (not a serious one) but still a criminal charge. Because of this, I was worried about whether my citizenship will ever get approved. While doing web search I found Epica Immigration and engage their services.

They managed the whole process for me, gave me confidence and prepared the extra documents for the offence record. Their team is very knowledgeable and professional. I will recommend them to anybody who is having complexities in their immigration matters.

Name not discolsed Name not discolsed Name and details not disclosed at the request of the client

PR for Family

I have been a PR since 2007. I got married in 2014, and then applied for Singapore PR for my wife and kids two times but none succeeded. My friend who got his PR approved through Epica Immigration asked me to talk to them. True enough, their service quality and guidance helped my family get their PR after 7 months. Thank you, Epica Immigration

Chua Han Chua Han Chua Han, is from Malaysia. He is working in Singapore for last many years. He applied PR for his wife and children through Epica Immigration.

Citizenship Application - Great Service

Very professional and service goes beyond their scope to communicate with me, they guided me throughout the process. They constantly follow up with me even after submission. Not to mention about their effort & services. I will strongly recommend my friends to use their service. No regrets. Prices are also quite resoanble.

M Jacob M Jacob M Jacob, works as an outlet manager in one of the local restaurant chain.