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Sample Cover Letter Template for Your Singapore PR Application

Sample Cover Letter for Singapore PR Application

If you are planning to apply for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR), then during your research on the Internet, you must have come across the subject of a PR application Cover Letter. Many people are confused about this: What is it? What should it include? And what points do I need to keep in mind while drafting one? Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) does not officially ask for a cover letter, but it is always better to submit one.

The video on the side will explain you about the concept of the cover letter. If you need the working file used in this video then fill up below form to get the one.

Watch the video or read below

Cover Letter With Singapore PR Application. What is the purpose? Which Mistakes to Avoid?

Sample Cover Letter Part for Singapore PR Application

If you want to get a sample in PDF format then please fill up your details in this form. The sample cover letter will be sent to your email id immediately. After filling up this form, please check your email. Please also check the spam folder, as the automatic emails with attachments often land in SPAM folder.


For your information, this is the same PDF which is used in the above video. It is not a complete cover letter but the part of work progression as explained in the above video.

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