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What is Covered in Above PEP Package?

Key Points

Form and Document Verification

In order to ensure the approval of your PEP (Personalized Employment Pass) application, it is crucial that your form and accompanying documents are error-free and meet the standards set by the Ministry of Manpower. We have observed that PEP applications are often rejected due to errors. Our team will meticulously review all the details in your form and documents to ensure their accuracy.

Advisory on Missing or Unacceptable Documents

If any of your documents fail to meet the standards set by the Ministry of Manpower, we will provide guidance accordingly. Our experts will suggest alternative documents that are acceptable and fulfill the necessary requirements.

Circumstances Letter, if Applicable

Should there be any additional circumstances that require further clarification to the Ministry of Manpower, we will assist you in drafting a letter for submission. This letter will address any specific concerns or provide necessary explanations.

Designated of Local Contact Person

Every PEP application requires the designated of a local contact person. We will provide you with the name of a local contact person from our staff to fulfill this requirement.

HPB Guidance

If your dependants include young children, they may be subject to vaccination requirements set by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). We will provide guidance on the necessary steps you need to take to fulfill these requirements.

Form Submission

We will handle the submission of your form to the Ministry of Manpower on your behalf. If you are currently in Singapore, you will need to log in using Singpass for the submission process.

Advisory Services

We understand that each applicant may have unique circumstances that require individualized advisory services. As experts in the field of work passes and immigration, our team is well-equipped to address all your doubts and provide clarification on any aspect of the process.


In an unfortunate incidence of rejection we will assist you with an appeal. Though we would like to mention that in past we have not experienced and rejections.

Some Recent Successful Cases

Ramnathan - Lawyer

An Indian on EP, Working as a Lawyer, obtained PEP and Dependant Passes for family members through Epica.

Soloman - Director

Soloman was working in the UK as a Director of a Fintech Company. He obtained PEP through Epica.

Yamamato from Japan

An EP holder from Japan, obtain PEP and DP for family members through Epica.

Engage Our Services

When individuals face risks or threats to their existing Employment Pass (EP), they often apply for a Personalized Employment Pass (PEP). However, the processing time for PEP applications is also long, typically taking around 7-8 weeks. Given this lengthy process and the urgent need to get PEP approval, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a professional firm specializing in PEP applications. Their expertise can help minimize errors and ensure a successful application.


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