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EI Article Series

4 PR Application Additional Documents

While you can always file your PR Application using the minimum asked documents by ICA, it is always recommended to provide additional documents if you can in support of your application.

Please find below some of the documents which we recommend attaching to your PR application. These documents are not mandatory, but attaching them will strengthen your profile.

PR Application Additional Documents 1: A Cover letter

A cover letter plays an important role in Singapore PR applications because it allows you to make an impression. Using a good quality well drafted cover letter, you can stand out from the crowd by writing a professional write-up that communicates a powerful message. To capture the reader's attention, it is crucial to write a well-thought-out piece emphasizing your unique attributes and key strengths.

A cover letter can also be used to highlight any other aspects of your profile which you feel is important. For example, your professional work, your future plans how you can bring value to Singapore can be highlighted using a cover letter.

PR Application Additional Documents 2: Recommendation Letters

A recommendation letter from a friend, relative, or colleague can add some value to your application, especially if it mentions exemplary performance from that colleague.

PR Application Additional Documents 3: Voluntary Service Certificates

If you do any voluntary social services, or blood donation or charities then do include those certificates or letters.

PR Application Additional Documents 4: Awards

Similarly, if you have got any awards, or letters of appreciation for something exemplary work done, then you can consider also attaching those.