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Top PR application advising agency / Consultancy in Singapore

Best pr application consultancy in Singapore

Which is the best PR application advisory Company in Singapore? Are you looking for one. Look no further – Epica Immigration is one of the top PR application Consultancy Company and we provide services at a reasonable cost.

Why People are looking for an agency or consultancy for their Singapore PR application

Once Upon a Time, Getting Your Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) Approval was Easy

Ten or so years ago, getting your Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) approval was relatively easy. You could go to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building on some afternoon, take your papers along, wait for your ticket number to be called, present all copies and show all certificates. Then, after filing, you would get your results in 3 months. And rejection of PR was unheard of, especially if you had stayed for more than 2 years in Singapore.

Times have changed. Today, only 1 in 6 applicants obtains their PR approval.

Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) and Citizenship Approval: Competition is Stiff!

In 2008, Singapore approved 80,000 PRs. Today, only 30,000 PRs are approved per year. And the pool of people eligible for PR includes the 672,000 individuals who already hold Employment Passes, S Passes, and Dependent Passes. So competition is stiff.

Moreover, you may be part of a particular industry, age group, or even ethnicity that faces even stiffer competition.

It is just as difficult to attain Citizenship status. Out of the 500,000 PRs eligible to apply, only 20,000 are granted Citizenship per year.

What is the impact of this and its relevance to using a Consultancy Firm to advise on your PR application?

The above situation simply means that most people’s applications (Whether for PR or Citizenship) are rejected every year. This has resulted in frustration for many. Many people have stayed in Singapore for sufficiently long. However, without PR they don’t have a reasonable confidence that they can settle in Singapore. Any problem with the job and they may have to go back.

Once Upon a Time, Getting Your Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) Approval was Easy

Using a professional agency like Epica Immigration Services puts you a step ahead of the competition.

These days, it is highly advisable to work with a professional consultancy firm like Epica Immigration Services to improve your chances of PR approval.

Why Take Risks?

Engage us to assist you with your application. Our prices are reasonable, and the quality is top-class. Our packages cover everything.

  • Hassle-Free – Guidance at All Stages
  • Error Free – Professionally Vetted
  • Impressive Document pack
  • Complete Document Check
  • Detailed Form Check
  • Impressive Cover Letter
  • Improved Score
  • Improved Chances of Approval

How Can a PR Application Agency Improve the chances of your success?

Is it really possible to boost your chances of PR approval? After all, don’t the officials at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) simply rely on educational and employment records?

The truth is, you can greatly improve your chances of approval by taking a few simple steps (which Epica Immigration Services will help you take). You see, ICA requires only a minimal number of documents from you. But you are not prohibited from submitting additional documents, documents that can showcase your various achievements, your family connections in Singapore, and your commitment to Singapore society.

At Epica Immigration Services we have prepared a list of 21 additional factors that can give you an advantage over other applicants. We will guide you to work through this list and include these highlights in your PR application, along with additional documents, testimonial letters, etc.

We top it all off by crafting a compelling cover letter that succinctly summarizes your attributes for busy immigration officials. Using Epica Immigration Services helps you put your best foot forward when it comes to receiving PR approval.

Using Epica Immigration Services helps you put your best foot forward when it comes to receiving PR approval.

Look its your Choice. You can continue filing your same old form again and again. Or you have an option to use professional services to improve your application and put your best foot forward.

What to Look for in a Singapore PR Consultancy / Agency to assist on your application

Suppose you’ve decided to use a professional agency to advise you on your PR application. What qualities should that agency possess?

Immigration Knowledge

The firm you engage should be experts in the field of immigration. This expertise should be evident in your initial conversations with employees, be they salespeople or the actual consultants.

Anyone can put up a website and call themselves an immigration service. We know of one such company that offered PR application services for a few months, but when that didn’t work became a barbershop instead. While we have nothing against the barber business, those applying for PR status deserve professional and committed advocates.

Study the Website

Carefully study the website of any company purporting to offer PR application assistance. Does the website contain relevant information and guides. Is there a video channel? Is there an attempt by the company to share genuine immigration knowledge with you? Does the company have a proper place of business? Is the company phone number a proper landline number or just a mobile number? Such details can help you determine the professionalism of the agency you are considering.


Pricing, of course, is a major part of your decision. Try to find an agency that offers a balance between value and services. It’s probably not wise to go with the lowest pricing, which may indicate a company with no real knowledge or expertise. On the other hand, don’t assume the most expensive company is the most effective; they might be a rip-off.

Select your immigration consultant wisely! Avoid fly-by-night consultants who have little to no background in the immigration field. Epica Immigration Services offers professional and EXPERIENCED guidance to improve your chances of PR approval.

Which is the best PR Application Agency in Singapore?

Epica Immigration is one of the best PR application Consultancies in Singapore. How can we add value to your Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) application? Here are some of our key services:

A complete review of your profile – We are PR profile experts, and we will analyse your profile for strengths and weaknesses.

An action plan to strengthen your profile – We will find opportunities to improve your profile with respect to 21 often-neglected factors.

Review of all documents – We will ensure that all your documents are error free.

Additional documents recommendation – We will advise if any other documents need to be provided.

Impressive cover letter – We work to ensure that your application contains an impressive cover letter, one which succinctly highlights the strong points of your profile for busy immigration officials.

Using Epica Immigration Services will greatly improve your chances of obtaining PR status. Contact us today!