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Singapore PR Application Agency Fees

The first question that comes to my mind is – why engage a consultant or an agent to assist you with your PR application? After all, isn’t it the process you can do yourself by logging into the ICA system? So here are some of the reasons why you should engage a PR application agency to assist you with your PR application.

Once upon a time, getting Singapore PR was easy

More than ten years back, getting your PR was relatively easy. You could go to the ICA building someday. Take your papers along. Wait for your ticket number to be called. Present all copies and show all certificates. After filing, you will get results in 3 months. Rejection of PR was unheard of, especially if you have stayed in Singapore for two years or more.

Today there is significant competition to get PR

It should be clear that there is significant competition in the market to obtain PR or Citizenship status. ICA approves only 30,000 PR places annually, whereas 672,000 people are eligible to apply for the same. This represents a success rate of only 4%. (Of course, we are not claiming that every person applies for PR every year). But we know sizable numbers do apply. Moreover, you might face stiffer competition if you are in a specific industry, age group, or ethnicity.

Singapore PR Application Agency Fees

How will the PR application agency help you?

Once you engage the services of a PR application agency, they can help you in the following ways:

Detailed document check

Agency experts will review all your documents thoroughly to ensure the documents are acceptable to ICA. For many important documents, ICA has specific rules regarding what should be mentioned in it and who should be the issuing authority. While you will not know all these rules, our experts are well-versed.

Application form check

Our consultant will thoroughly check form 4A for PR (Or details for SC applications). Many times people make mistakes in it. These mistakes can prove costly. Our experts will help you here.

Testimonial Templates

We will provide testimonial templates to get testimonials from your friends or colleagues. Impressively written testimonials can put a positive impression on the minds of the ICA officer handling your case.

Cover Letter

We will write a personalized cover letter showcasing your strengths and the value you can bring to Singapore. This will explain to the ICA officer the value you can bring as a PR in Singapore.

Tips for strengthening the profile

Our immigration experts will identify the steps that can be taken to strengthen your profile. Depending on your specific circumstances, these tips will improve the strength of your profile significantly.

Post Submission support

We will provide you with any post-submission support required.

How will the PR application agency help you?

Why Take Risks?

Engage us to assist you with your application. Our prices are reasonable, and the quality is top-class. Our packages cover everything.

  • Hassle-Free – Guidance at All Stages
  • Error Free – Professionally Vetted
  • Impressive Document pack
  • Complete Document Check
  • Detailed Form Check
  • Impressive Cover Letter
  • Improved Score
  • Improved Chances of Approval

What is the PR application agency fee range in Singapore?

There is significant variability in the prices and practices. Some agencies charge as high as 5000 SGD, but the average fees are around 2000 SGD for a family case. If anybody is charging more than this, you should carefully consider whether to engage such an agency.

Some agencies will quote you a very high price of 5000 SGD plus, but if you show no interest, they will immediately drop the price to 3500 SGD and even further if required.

Some other agencies do not engage in negotiation tactics and instead follow fixed pricing published on their website.

What is the PR application agency fee range in Singapore?

What, according to us, is a reasonable PR application agency fee?

At Epica Immigration, we believe that the reasonable pricing for immigration services should fall somewhere between 1500 SGD to 1800 SGD for a PR family application and between 1600 SGD to 2200 SGD for a Citizenship family application. Considering the number of hours of work involved in this assignment, this should be the range.

What, according to us, is a reasonable PR application agency fee?

Very low PR application agency fee?

Has anybody quoted you a very low PR application agency fee? For example, say 800 SGD? In that case, you might need to be extra careful. Because running a business in Singapore has its costs, and therefore offering services at a lower price like this generally indicates that the person running this business is doing a part-time business and may not have the requisite background in this sector.

If you notice any of the following additional indicators, then it is best to avoid such consultants. These indicators are; no staff, use of mobile phone number as office number, no fixed place of business, ordinary looking website.

Very low PR application agency fee?

Singapore PR Application Agency Fees: Summary

In summary, be prepared to pay reasonable PR application agency fees if you plan to engage one. Anything too cheap or too costly is best avoided.