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Student Getting a Job

PR Approval Process

Student Getting a Job

I am a student in Singapore and I completed my education in Singapore. I did pass national-level examinations, and hence I am eligible to apply for Singapore PR under the student scheme. However, I will be completing my education in 3 months. After this DBS bank has offered me a job and they will apply S/E Pass for me. I understand that PR applications may take 6 months to process. So if I file my application now under the student scheme, but in 3 months if my student pass is canceled and I get E/ S Pass, then what happens to my application?

Frankly, you have made a delay in applying under the student scheme. If you qualify as a student, then you should have applied for PR a long time ago.

Anyway, coming back to your question – If you apply now, and if the student pass is canceled before PR application results are out, then the PR application itself will become invalid. You will then need to apply under PTS Scheme as an EP / Spass holder.