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Meet Our Team

Team members

Vaibhav Joshi

Founder Director

With over 25 years of experience across multiple disciplines in immigration, business incorporations, and IT, Vaibhav leads all operations at Epica Immigration. He is responsible for developing IT systems, setting up company strategies, and driving growth plans.


Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Sachin oversees the delivery team at Epica Immigration, drawing from his 21 years of diverse experience. He possesses a strong background in immigration, particularly in Singapore PR and citizenship processes.


Business Development Manager

Shovan brings over 20 years of sales experience to his role as Business Development Manager at Epica Immigration. Before joining us, he served as a sales manager for a large Norwegian company in Singapore, specializing in technological services and IoT.


Immigration Advisor

Gladys is an experienced immigration advisor specializing in advising on complex immigration cases and strategies. In addition to running her own business, she collaborates with Epica to provide support whenever there are intricate cases that require specialized handling.


Sales Consultant

Vandita, our experienced Sales Consultant, is your first point of contact at Epica Immigration. With a background in immigration and prior experience in supporting expat parents with visa and admission procedures, she brings valuable insights to our clients.


Sales Consultant

Reon, another member of our Sales team, specialises in PR and citizenship processes. With previous experience as a business development manager at a large bank, he offers expert advisory during initial consultations.


Sales Consultant

Leena is a seasoned Sales Consultant at Epica Immigration, offering advisory services on PR and citizenship matters. Her background includes roles related to immigration and visa processing, gained from her experience in Dubai.


Immigration Expert

Trupti specializes in managing PR and citizenship cases, leveraging her extensive experience in documentation and immigration procedures. With a background in law, she previously worked in the paralegal field before focusing on immigration cases independently.


Immigration Expert

Regina brings deep expertise in managing PR and citizenship cases, honed through her experience in documentation and approvals at a large financial institution. Her knowledge of various documentation standards adds value to our clients' cases.


Immigration Expert

Frilly is an immigration expert with a wealth of experience in managing PR and citizenship cases. Before joining Epica, she held roles of authority and responsibility in several overseas companies, enriching her understanding of immigration procedures.


Immigration Expert

Swapna specializes in managing PR and citizenship cases, drawing from her deep experience in documentation and immigration procedures. She independently handles cases, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our clients.


Immigration Writer

Ketki is our dedicated writer, proficient in crafting cover letters, testimonials, and other legal documents required for immigration purposes. With prior experience in various writing roles in social media management companies, she delivers high-quality written content.


Immigration Writer

Janhavi excels in writing various documents and drafts for immigration purposes. With a background in content creation, she brings creativity and precision to her writing, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of our communication with clients.

Our Clients Are From

  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Singtel
  • DBS Bank
  • Google
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • HP
  • Exxon Mobil
  • American Express
  • Tolaram
  • GIIS School
  • Facebook
  • OCBC Bank
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Starhub
  • National University of Singapore
  • Autodesk Corporation
  • Maersk Shipping
  • Poh Wah Group
  • public Utility Board
  • Singapore Power
  • NCS Group
  • Dell Corporation
  • Wan Chung Construction
  • AXA insurance